How to Create Animated Stickers for WhatsApp

The Meta instant messaging application has all kinds of features, one of the last to hit the scene was the reactions with emojis to the messages we receive. However, one of the options most used by users of this application is the decalscourtesy of the beloved GIFs that have been entertaining us so much lately.

Well, if you are one of those users who are tired of borrowing or adding the stickers of other friends or relatives, it’s time to learn how to create animated stickers all alone. This way, you can bring more life to your future conversations. Even better, it doesn’t have a lot of complications. However, we will need the help of an external application to be able to add and design them on our Android or iOS mobiles.

What do we need?

As we already mentioned, this is not a standard function on WhatsApp, although it will allow us to add animated stickers that we create ourselves. But, to achieve this, it will be necessary to have the help of another application. Luckily, this software is available for both Android and iPhone, so the smartphone operating system won’t be a problem:

sticker maker
sticker maker

Sticker Maker Studio
Sticker Maker Studio

The best thing about this app is that it is totally free. However, if we want to use animated stickers, we will have to get the premium version at the price of 4.09 euros per month. And, by the way, the only difference one finds when it comes to use this app on Android or iOS is that for the iPhone it is entirely in English. Also, if we need this third-party tool, we will need the following: a video or a GIF.

Sticker maker app

Design your animated stickers

Now that we have the necessary tool, it’s time to move on to create a sticker animated for whatsapp. Therefore, so that you can learn how to create them from scratch, we will tell you each of the steps that you must follow from the mobile application:

  • Enter the app we downloaded.
  • Click on Create a new sticker pack.
  • Put a name and an author.
  • Now is the time to add video or GIF to have an animated sticker. Keep in mind that we will have a maximum of 30 stickers per package.
  • First, select an icon to distinguish the sticker pack of the rest you already have on WhatsApp.
  • Then tap on the other empty spaces listed.
  • Then select the Gallery or the option Choose the folder.
  • Choose GIF or video you want to turn into a sticker and, voilà.

Create a sticker pack

In these cases we have already warned you that we will not have the tools we will have to put a still image. That’s to say we will not be able to crop the outline of said GIF or videoin addition to the fact that we will not be able to change the duration of this media file from Sticker Maker.

How to add a sticker pack

Now that we have completed our new package with animated stickers for whatsapp, it’s time to see how it should be added to the instant messaging application from this application. However, we must bear in mind that we will need a minimum of three stickers for this tool to allow us to add the new package to the messaging application. And then this is what to do:

  • We enter the package of animated stickers.
  • We click on Add to WhatsApp.
  • We confirm the action by clicking To add.
  • To see them, we must go to the messaging application, click on Stickers and touch the icon that we had previously selected.

Add animated sticker pack to WhatsApp

And just like sticky stickers, other users who receive animated stickers that you have just created, they can easily add them to their repertoire. In addition, by tapping on it, they will also be able to see the name of the package you have designed and who created it.

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