How can the smoke from the fire affect health?

Forest fires continue to wreak havoc every summer and the Vilomara Bridge This is another one of those fires that causes enormous helplessness among neighbors, who see how many hectares of nature are burned. But it is also that the fires should not only concern us for the most obvious, the flames, but also the smoke from the fire is dangerous. Smoke can travel long distances and harm our health when inhaled.

Why is smoke so dangerous?

The most dangerous part of wildfire smoke is microscopic particles which can penetrate deep into the lungs. But fires not only leave very small particles suspended in the air, they also produce harmful gases from the combustion of organic materials.

Microscopic particles and noxious gases are the most damaging and dangerous elements of fires for anyone. And it is that even healthy people can be injured by the effects of a smoky environment.

The bone most common respiratory symptoms These are coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and sore throat. But they can also occur other symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose, fatigue or headaches. Similarly, experts say that exposure to smoke from fires can involve increased future risk of contracting the flu or covid.

Who is most at risk

Smoke from wildfires can aggravate certain conditions, including lung problems such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If you have asthma and/or COPD, follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding the use of your inhaled medications, and it is also important to stay well hydrated in very hot weather, as dehydration can make asthma worse and COPD.

Additionally, in environments close to fires, people with cardiovascular disease may also be more likely to experience chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, or fatigue because of the smoke. Diabetics may also be at higher risk, as they often have underlying heart disease. Finally, children (whose lungs are still growing) and pregnant women may also be at higher risk.

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How to protect yourself from smoke

Here is what you can do to limit the harmful effects of wildfire smoke:

  • Stay inside

Avoid exposure to these elements, if possible, by staying away from smoky areas or staying indoors and limit outings only for very important needs.

If you need to go outside, it is recommended to wear a protective mask around your mouth and nose. Masks against covid are validwhether surgical or fabric.

  • Improves indoor air quality

Close windows and doors when you are indoors. turn it on air conditioning with a good filtration system is also very useful. If you don’t have air conditioning, use Fans in the rooms you are in to help disperse particles into the air.

If possible, try to avoid cooking, including frying or using a grill. Do not dust, vacuum or light candles. And, of course, and even if it costs you dearly to give it up for a while, no fumes.

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