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Before starting mass production, Lexus continues to show off the technological innovations included in its new electric suvthe RZ450e, beyond its propulsion system. The cable steering system controlled by a steering wheel which, like that of the new Tesla, dispensing with the top ring has created significant expectations among its future owners. Some media have already been able to get behind this rare steering wheel of the Lexus RX 450e to see how meets a new system in the automotive industry.

The ace driving controversies and criticism in the form of Tesla’s yoke, without a top ring or tactile buttons, have been the subject of much news in the press. The advantages of not having a top ring for facilitate visibility of the road and the dashboard are hidden by the discomfort when performing maneuvers at low speed. When Toyota presented the prototype of its first fully electric car, the bZ4x, surprised everyone with a similar idea. The same steering wheel and the same reason: to improve visibility. A solution also implemented by another brand of the group, Lexus, and which is already a reality in the RZ450e.

steering wheel lexus rz 450e-interior
Software adjusts steering rotation for low-speed situations and tight turns

But unlike Tesla, Toyota and Lexus introduced one direction per wirecompletely separated mechanically from the wheels which solve one of the problems What causes the Tesla flywheel: maneuvering at low speeds.

The software allows adjust the steering lock for low speed situations and tight turns. The steering thus becomes a fully electronic system, apparently without any mechanical connection between the wheels and the steering wheel. apparently because In fact, there should be, even if it’s not functional.only as a security measure, since the legislation requires it to prevent a possible failure of the electronic system.

As the production date of the Lexus RX 450e approaches, the brand has allowed the press to check how do they behave both the rimless steering wheel and the cable steering system of this electric SUV. This video by Maciej Pawelec from the YouTube channel 1001cars shows how it works.

The initial digital manual the RZ 450e didn’t mention the rimless steering wheel or steering-by-wire. Subsequently, and now officially, it was reported that both will be available as an option and they can be chosen when the car is configured and the various equipment items are selected. This confirms that a mechanical connection will always be present, even when the cable option is chosen, which will only be implemented if the customer includes it.

When this system was introduced on the Toyota bZ4x, the Japanese manufacturer explained some of the advantages of a steering wheel without an upper rim and a steering-by-wire system.

  • From one lock to another, they set a steering angle of 150 degrees, which eliminates the need to change grip with your fist while turning. This makes it easier for the driver to perform maneuvers at low speeds, such as parking with L-turns or U-turns. To steer the wheels, it will not be necessary to change the steering wheel grips. It also makes it easier to drive on winding roads.
  • Steering feel is improved thanks to the electronic control and independent between the steering angle felt by the driver and that of the wheels. In addition, the sensations transmitted by the steering can be modified through the selection menu so that they are included in the car’s control system.
  • The system filters vibrations that the tires transfer to the steering wheel, blocking those that are not necessary and allowing those that are necessary, those related to the road, to pass.
  • Single-motion twist grip provides more legroomwhich improves the driving position and makes it easier to get in and out of the car.

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