Frank Cuesta’s embarrassing anger at a tweeter that backfired

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A Fran Cuesta He went too far with his latest complaint and this Thursday he was at the top of the trending topic. He recorded a 16-minute video charging a young disseminator biology student, Ana Jiménez, claiming he was being harassed by her and getting, in return, his followers to take revenge quickly and quickly through social media. Another chapter of his many controversies lately.

Remember that Jiménez has more than 28,900 followers and Frank Cuesta, only on Twitter, more than 628,700an unbalanced position which should have given clues to the streamer about what was going to happen. In his video, The TikTok Promoter, called her “face” and said he dedicated those words to her “because, more than heavy, you’re a stalker.” Her argument is based on the fact that she is tired of reading “nonsense” and “bullshit” about her in the content she posts.

“If you want to talk, if you want to debate, show me that you have done something in life”, he challenged him, accusing him “We were all young, what happens is you dock and in Spain it has become very common to attack me“. In his speech in front of the camera, Cuesta felt that “when you go against someone who has done something, what you show is that you are envious or fucking shitand ended up calling her “Princess Leia”.

“High School Bullying Level”

Cuesta’s obedient followers flocked to Jiménez and she asked her followers to report the video for harassment before closing her account, which the streamer:

But it will not take long for Cuesta to receive in return all the criticism directed at Ana Jiménez, who has been supported by a large number of professionals, especially biologists, who also repeatedly questioned the type of disclosure made the one who was the host of the successful program frank of the jungle. However, they are not the only ones to position themselves:

In his defense, Fran Cuesta justified himself with a kind of cautionary tale, where the protagonist is a boy who went daily to disturb a calm elephant and who, after several days, decided to defend himself:

Additionally, Cuesta poked fun at “when you funane on Twitter”, claiming that “it’s the same 400-700 repeating the usual nonsense” and insulting again: “You’re not worth the shit you shit on. Fuck you!”, he said. Later, jokingly, he wanted to add that he had said “something that is not true and I have to retract. The woman he was talking about in the video is not a biologist, she is a student in biology. More than anything because it’s my mistake in this sorry for giving it that title.”

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