Felipe Juan Froilán, the young rebel of the royal family, turns 24

Every self-respecting family has its black sheep: different, misunderstood, incapable of integrating. Felipe Juan Froilan of All Saints‘Pipe’ for his intimates, is the black sheep of the new generation of the Bourbons, inspiration even of certain republicans who see in the small but constant scandals of the son of Doña Helen there Alvaro de Marichalar a source of inspiration for the tee-shirt slogans: “God save Froilán” or “Monarchist, no: Froilanist” are some examples, although all pale in comparison to the existence of the Froilanist Party, a satirical group based in Lugo (he has more than 8,000 followers on Facebook) who recognizes him as heir to the throne of a kingdom of Galicia that claims the borders of the year 456. Since Froilán’s first prank was immortalized, the kick that he gave to his cousin Victoria López de Quesada and Bourbon of the Two Sicilies at his uncle’s wedding Felipe there Joya gesture typical of any child (but unbecoming of a member of the royal family) which caused an outpouring of reactions in the media, it is not known if the rest of his life was just a self-fulfilling prophecy : Is he rebellious because the world made him that way or is he rebellious because the world sees him that way?

Froilán, who turns 24 this Sunday, is a marked man: his scar is not visible because it is hidden under his socks. He was 13 when he shot himself in the foot while practicing shooting with his father on the family farm in Garrejo de Garay. I assure you that the hole left by the bullet was a perfect circle perfectly visible on the x-ray taken in the emergency room of the Santa Bárbara hospital, in Soria. After having tripled the third of the ESO, he was enrolled in a boarding school at the Colegio Episcopal Sagrada Familia, in Sigüenza. There he had to catch up on his studies, but the truth is that this school was more useful to him in other ways: there he met Charlotte, sea ​​towers there Belen Perea, his three documented loves. The solution came through a military boarding school, Culver Academy, in the United States, where he miraculously passed all three ESO courses and two high school courses. Despite his bad grades, his parents kept paying the most expensive schools to give him studies worthy of his diplomas: the 43,000 euros a year at the Blue Ridge School, in Virginia (USA), where he smoked a cigar to celebrate his grades, or the 21,000 euros for the course at IE University, where he is studying business administration.

A legend nourished by nightclubs

Whether because the night confused him or because some provocateurs knew the lure of any headline that included a row with Froilán, his dark legend was forged in the footsteps of Madrid’s most select clubs, even entering through the back door of the Pachá to avoid any provocation. They were in his gang Andrés Parladé, Joaquin de la Pena or the footballer Marc Alonso, among others. The bullfighter Gonzalo Caballero he was kicked out of the band when he stopped dating his sister, Victoria Federica. Her mother mishandled so many parties, sometimes with fights in public, like the one she played at Club de Campo in Madrid, when the Duchess of Lugo blamed her for her attitude: “I’m ready to ( . ..) do what you want.” Meanwhile, urban legends are on the rise. In 2015, Froilán was accused of blurting out “Shut up, you fucking Chinese!” to a boy who caught his eye while trying to sneak up on the roller coaster at Madrid’s amusement park. Her father denied it and called what happened harassment.

Froilán and the rules

In the summer of 2020 he got his driving license and, even before serving a month behind the wheel, sporting an L on his brand new red Audi Q3, he got his first fine in Madrid. The following year, already in Marbella, he had an altercation with a local policeman to park at a taxi rank: the prank cost him 200 euros. We start by skipping the rules of the road and we end up breaking the confinement as the world experiences a pandemic: Froilán traveled to Benahavís, Málaga, to spend a few days with a friend in a luxury hotel with an impressive view on the sea and the mountains of Ronda. Shortly after, during the Fourth Wave Holy Week, Froilán and his sister embarked on a trip to the Costa del Sol to party. So, while we Spaniards continued with the perimeter closure, the children of Infanta Elena went to ‘El Tonteo’, in Marbella, to see Jorge Bárcenas play as a DJ. They were also caught eating fried fish at “Los Mellizos”.

love influencer

Froilán loves influencers. Little is known about his supposed first love, Carlota, except that he closed his account as soon as the rumor spread. With Mar Torres, heir to the Del Pozo empire, he had a relationship marked by back and forth: suddenly very intense, suddenly distant. As soon as the news was announced, she made her profile private to avoid the unpleasant comments that abound so much on the networks. But last April, Froilán was caught hugging Belén Perea. You already know how the gossip press works: although there is no explicit confirmation of the romance, the magazine ‘Hello!’ He calls her “his new support”. He is 25 years old, studied marketing management and digital commerce and is doing an internship in a communication agency.

With this background, we imagine Froilán celebrating his birthday singing “I am a scoundrel, I am a gentleman”, which is why we are in the middle of July (Iglesias).

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