FC Barcelona Transfers | Barça finds the formula to be able to sign Koundé

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Abde or Nico are two players who would do well for the Andalusian club to lower the price

Jorge Mendes provokes an approach and the signing heats up a lot

Barça, now yes, is convinced that it will be able to sign Jules Koundé. The Blaugrana club have matured the operation and are now in a position to lead the final offensive for the French central as Sevilla press on as they need the money to be able to sign. Next week will be decisive and Barca are already clear that they could lower the final price if certain players come in, notably Abde or Nico. The ending has many ballots to leave.

Negotiations are advancing at a forced pace because Barça have prioritized closing attacking reinforcements in recent weeks. Koundé is still recovering from his pubic surgery and his arrival could wait, but they believe the time is right in the face of new interest from Chelsea. Despite everything, at the Blaugrana club there is no fear because the English have not made any offers, they still have other priorities and Koundé favors signing Barça.

With the panorama already clarified, Sevilla and Barca spoke with the agent, Jorge Mendes, who is mediating in Koundé’s marketing operation. And the Portuguese sought solutions to Barça’s refusal to reach the 60-65 million euros demanded by Sevilla.

The Blaugrana club first offered their rejections, but none of them matched Sevilla sportingly. It has also been explored to include Memphis in the operation but his tally is high for Sevilla and the player isn’t much for the job. And there, Mendes tested the option of including Abde or Nico, two players who are in his orbit and who attract Sevilla, especially the winger as long as he stays in the Andalusian club.

In this way, a negotiation channel has been opened which will continue next week with the intention of reaching an agreement to conclude the transfer. Abde was going to have a first squad number at Barca, but the transfers the club made will leave him without a squad and Barca have plenty of strong offers to sell him. Sevilla’s option would help bring Koundé’s price down as Barca are going to sit at 40-45m for the centre-back. There is a lot to negotiate but the signing is getting closer.

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