Exciting and precise definition in the 100 meters of the World Championships in Athletics: American Fred Kerley is the new king of speed

Fred Kerley (gold), Marvin Bracy (silver) and Trayvon Bromell (bronze), the winners of the 100 meters (Photo: Reuters)
Fred Kerley (gold), Marvin Bracy (silver) and Trayvon Bromell (bronze), the winners of the 100 meters (Photo: Reuters)

The World Championship in Athletics had one of its main events in Eugene, USA: the Local Fred Kerley took first place in the 100 meters in a precise and exciting definition with compatriots Marvin Bracy and Trayvon Bromell.

The 27-year-old crossed the finish line in 9.86 seconds, followed by Bracy (9.88) and Bromell (9.88). The North American trio retained all three medals and also relegated their compatriot Christian Colmandefender of the title he obtained in Doha 2019: he finished sixth with a time of 10.01.

the Jamaican Oblique Bromel (9.97) and the South African Akani Simbine (10.01) were ahead of Coleman. The rest of the final grid remained with the Japanese Abdul Hakim Sani Brown (10.06) and the Canadian Aaron Brown (10.07).

The world record still belongs to Usain Bolt with the 9.58 he set at the historic World Cup in Berlin in 2009.

    Fred Kerley won a precise definition (Picture: Reuters)
Fred Kerley won a precise definition (Picture: Reuters)

Note that the Tokyo 2021 Olympics marked a change of era after the abandonment of the Jamaican Bolt, winner of the three previous editions. The Italian Marcel Jacobs He surprised the world by becoming champion of the 100 meters with a time of 9.80 seconds ahead of American Fred Kerley (9.84) and Canadian André de Grasse (9.89).

However, the European athlete could not even play the semi-finals of this World Cup in Eugene: sidelined with a thigh injury. “A painful choice, I have to stop. I’m a fighter and that’s why I decided to be in Eugene. Now, in order not to compromise the rest of the season by risking a more serious injury, I have to postpone the challenge. I promise, I will do everything possible to make you dream!”, he wrote on his social networks after this news, taking into account that he had finished second in his qualifying series with a time of 10.04.

In Helsinki in 1983North America Carl Lewis he won the 100 meters for the first time at the World Championships and repeated in Rome 1987 and Tokyo 1991. English Linford Christie (Stuttgart 1993) and the Canadian Donovan Bailey (Göteborg 1995) continued the victorious path of this distinguished nomination. north america Maurice Greene signed his name to shoot in the next three world cups (1997, 1999 and 2001) something coming to be repeated with Bolt in Berlin 2009, Moscow 2013 and Beijing 2015. During this period, there were four other champions: Sancristobaleño Kim Collins (2003), North Americans Justin Gatlin (2005) y gay tyson (2007) and the Jamaican Yohan Blake (2011).

It should be noted that the last two victories were for the athletes of the United States with the consecrations of Gatlin back in london 2017 there Christian Colman in Doha 2019.

Between July 18 and 21, another of the most anticipated events of this World Cup will also be defined: the 200 meters that they had Bolt as absolute dominator between 2009 and 2015, but that in the last two editions they had new champions in the hand of the Turkish Ramil Guliyev (2017) and the American Noah Lyles (2019).


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