Emma García talks about the cancellation of ‘Viva la vida’: “I am sensitive”

The upcoming cancellation of ‘Viva la vida‘ at the end of July continues to arouse many reactions. One of the most anticipated was Emma García, its presenter, who spoke about it last Saturday after Kiko Matamoros thanked him for his experience on the Telecinco program: “I’m really sorry to have to say goodbye, I don’t know how long or how far, but I want to thank you publicly for everything that we worked on or how we worked”.

Don’t turn me on, I’m very sensitive“Emma García pleaded after the words of Kiko Matamoros, who continued her compliments to the presenters: “You have given me some very good interviews. It is always a pleasure for me to work with you and answer your questions and concerns. You are magnificent”,.

Later, Emma continued to speak about the cancellation: “I was saying it during the commercial. I am sensitive, excited because they have been there for almost four years and we are a team that gets along particularly wellinside and outside the cameras, with everyone in the newsroom.”

“I got this feeling from Joe, that I’m excited, that at any time I can break, but I’m not going to. I’m going to hold because I want us to end in joy, happiness and everything else. You’re all excited, but we still have more,” García continued in “Viva la vida” in an attempt to encourage his collaborators.

Remember that ‘Viva la vida’ will close on July 24 to make way for ‘Ya es verano’. Several weeks ago, Telecinco confirmed the exclusive advanced by YOTELE there announced the premiere of ‘It’s already summer’ with Frank Blanco and Veronica Dulanto once ‘Viva la vida’ ends. They will also be accompanied by Marta González Novo, who will be in charge of news.

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Mediaset had planned to take a break in August between the end of ‘Viva la vida’ and the start of this new programme. However, at the last moment they decided not to let the direct broadcast in this slot during the month of August and directly release the format Unicorn content confirmed by this portal.

The program of the producer of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, ‘It’s already noon’, ‘En el punto de mira’ and ‘It’s already eight o’clock’ will have three large differentiated blocks for each of the three presenters in charge.

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