Colkie, the status that unites artists with their fans

“At Colkie, we believe there is a better way to experience music. A more authentic way in which the music and the relationship between fans and artists are most important. word entrepreneur written in their DNA embarked on a revolutionary musical project. colkiethe platform where artists can create communities to connect with fans in a direct, personal and exclusive way, was born to redefine the future of the music industry.

Social networks have changed the way artists interact with their followers. Thanks to them, great voices in the music industry, completely paralyzed with the outbreak of confinement due to the Covid-19 health crisis, have been able to continue to be close to their audience, despite the distance from the stage. However, social networks have their limits and the need to create a local project defined by the word community is what has led to Pepe del Rio, Iñigo Bunzl and Juan Antonio Jiménez to found the startup Colkie in May 2021.

“We created a directly verticalized platform for musicians, because what there is today are really tools for content creators. And musicians are not content creators, they are musicians and they are two very different things. What we’ve seen is that what’s been blamed for musicians is that they have very powerful fan communities, which have generated a lot of content and interaction around them and which they don’t know about. had no control. So we ask ourselves: why don’t we focus on giving them tools so that they can manage and order their fans to have a commitment and a higher fee with them? And that’s how Cookie was born,” says Pepe del Río, co-founder of the platform.

Through subscriptions to their favorite artists’ community, fans can enjoy exclusive content -which can only be found on this platform-, talk to them via a private channel, access events and benefits, and enjoy a space unique place to interact and share content with other fans. A powerful idea that first started with Pepe del Río’s own funding and then managed to attract major investors from the music industry.

Now, just over a year later and with success defining big ideas, the founders aim to distribute nearly $1 million among artists included in the app by the end of this year and for and for next year. “The ideal would be to invoice around seven or eight million dollars,” he specifies.

However, there are not only economic objectives, there are also sentimental objectives. Pepe del Río, who defines himself as a frustrated musician and who, in his adolescence, tried to found several groups -without much success-, has an artist that he would personally like to have on his platform. “This is all for a specific artist. I’m a crazy fan of Slash, the great guitarist of Guns N’ Roses. So I would say if Slash does Colkie I would appreciate being one more fan than there are on our platform,” he said.

See how artists integrate, they turn to their fans and understand and value the importance of creating a community, not only because of the economic income that can be generated, but also because of the added value that the interaction between artists and fans for a complete experience, this is what gives life to this startup created by and for music.

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