Carcedo, admitted for observation at the Clinic

Coach Juan Carlos Carcedo has been hospitalized since Saturday evening at the University Clinical Hospital Lozano Blesa from Zaragoza after feeling unwell yesterday afternoon and being first transferred to hospital in Barbastro. In principle, the first tests ruled out a serious illness, such as a heart attack, and the club assures that Carcedo he is in good condition and that for a few days he will be monitored and under observation in a room to exclude other pathologies and while all the tests are completed, in addition to noting that his early return to work with the team is expected.

A drop in blood pressure or heat stroke can be among the causes of this indisposition of the coach, although other sources speak of a heart problem. On Friday the stage started with the team from Boltaña. These days, it will be Sebas Corona, his second-in-command, who will bear the brunt of the team’s preparation. From entity sources it is confirmed that the coach was conscious at all times and that the tests were only intended to exclude any significant illness and for this reason he will continue to be admitted to hospital for a few days, without specifying how many there will be. In any case, Carcedo He chatted last night and from the hospital, to which he was accompanied by Dr. Ireneo de los Mártires, with some elements of the expedition and at all times gave a message of calm.

“Our coach Juan Carlos Carcedo felt ill during the day on Saturday at the team’s concentration in Boltaña. After an initial assessment at the concentration hotel, the club’s medical services They decided to transfer the technician from La Rioja to a hospital in Zaragoza as a precaution to carry out a more exhaustive follow-up. Carcedo is in perfect condition and his rapid reintegration into the discipline of the team is expected,” the club said in a statement. The La Rioja coach arrived at the Aragonese club this season after spending a year in Ibiza and halfback and his long stint as Emery’s second between 2007 and 2019, at Almería, Valencia, Sevilla, PSG and Arsenal, he had been leading training and testing for the Zaragoza first team since July 4.

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