Boeing today: $147.97! Intel stuck at $38.69 Intel, Oracle and Boeing. The three pearls of the American stock market are coming! Is it worth investing in Intel in the next few days? What will happen to Boeing’s stock price?


We have to admit that the last few days must have been intense analyzing investors’ investments in the three stocks we are going to talk about; Oracle, Boeing and Intel… Today Sunday 17 Lipiec 2022 and what we are trying to do is understand the last moments of Oracle, Boeing and Intel… What are the strategies we should take advantage of with these three stocks, so typical of the US stock market? The US currency is no less important.

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Oracle Quotes


Boeing Quotes


Intel Quotes


Stock Value Chart

More failures are coming for Oracle!

Oracle Downward Quotes $69.65
Oracle Upload Max Quotes $70.85
Oracle Instant Quotes $70.72
Initial Oracle Session Quotes $56.34

Charter of values ​​of the multinational Oracle

Let’s take a look at the latest news from Oracle, which indicates obvious positions, which have nothing to do with what we have seen lately. Is Oracle a good investment target? In this space of time, we find minimum prices such as $69.65, whose maximum price is reached at $70.85. At what current price, Oracle’s value is around $70.72, how do you view this investment?


Oracle real-time chart

Watch out for Intel!

Intel’s falling stock quotes $37.68
Intel Peak Rise Quotes $38.57
Intel Instant Quotes $38.69
Intel Initial Session Quotes $47.02

Intel Multinational Stock Chart

Intel, which started the week with a value of $47.02, has had its ups and downs over the past 5 days. We are going to focus on two values ​​that are the most to be taken into account these days; we were referring to maximum descent and ascent. The maximum increase occurs at $38.57, while the maximum decline can be seen at an equivalent of $37.68. For this weekend the level of Intel will remain at unthinkable prices, everything depends on the near future of the market, always affected by the macroeconomic calendar. Do you have in mind to acquire shares of Intel? The present value we pay to pay for Intel stock is $38.69.


Real-Time Intel Graphics

Why I recommend investing in Boeing

Boeing cap downgrades $144.43
Boeing Peak Rise Quotes $149.36
Boeing Moment Quotes $147.97
Initial Boeing Session Prices $369

Boeing multinational stock chart

The truth is that its valuation right now is around $147.97, which just comparing it to the equivalent starting value of 369 indicates its dominant trend today. Today we encounter two important points; the highest point and the lowest value, these two values ​​being $149.36 and $144.43 respectively. Let’s look…


Boeing real-time chart

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