Best Websites to Layout Resume

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If you need to style your resume, you’re in luck because we’ve curated a list of the best free websites to do the job.

Submitting a good resume can make the difference in whether or not you are considered for the job. Therefore, it is recommended discover the best sites for resume templates. However, it could also be very useful for you to know the websites to layout your CV and give it that unique look in all aspects, just like others for sign documents online the stop download musicbut still legally.

Not only is it enough to have a good resume template, but you can improve this personal document if you don’t care For this reason, we have prepared this article, in which we are going to tell you which are the best websites to lay out your CV. And if you have a lot of free time, waiting for your CV to be analyzed and you to be called for the job interview, you should take a look at the best sites to waste time.

In this way, you will know how to distribute all the elements that make up the CV document correctly without damaging the design of the template. Until some time ago this it was a professional matterbut now the tools have been updated and are available for all users.

Best Websites to Layout Resume

With these websites, you can format your CV quickly and for free

With these websites, you can format your CV quickly and for free

  • Microsoft Word
  • scribus
  • Lucid press
  • Cloth
  • Joe

Below you will not only find websites to layout your CV, but some also work as programs that you can have on your computer to get the most out of it. And, interestingly, chances are you’ve already installed one and haven’t realized the layout potential it has. Therefore, if you want to get a striking CV that is interesting and harmonious in terms of space and design, you should take a look at all these alternatives.

Microsoft Word

Word also allows you to lay out the program and other documents

Word also allows you to lay out the program and other documents

With regard to the layout of the documents, including resumeone of the most interesting tools that allows this function is Word, one of the programs included in the Microsoft Office suite.

With Word, you can not only edit and process text documents, but also gives you access to a catalog of templates for brochures, calendars, resumes, bookmarks, posters and other types.

Of course, when you choose one, like, for example, the curriculum, you can customize it to your liking, modifying each section, not just the page format. This means that you can change the font type to one offered by the tool. Although if you want to go further, you can go to websites like dafont to find new fonts, download them and use them.

If you want to format your CV, you can do it directly with Word, as it allows you to modify various sections of your project, add images, add graphics, use columns, justify or move the text, among others. Moreover, at the end, you can save it in PDF format.

It should be noted that Word is not only available as part of the Microsoft suite, but you can also use it in its web version.


This is a popular service with which you can layout your CV

This is a popular service with which you can layout your CV

While it’s true that Scribus may have a visual interface that looks dated, it’s far behind in this regard. compared to other alternatives, it should also be pointed out that it is one of the best and most powerful document layout tools. Moreover, it is open source so if you have the knowledge then you can check out its source code.

It is a program that you can install on your computer to start your graphic layout projects. Obviously, you can give it simpler uses, like the layout of your CV, for example.

With Scribus, you can modify the print colors, typography and many other elements of the documents you want to lay out. In addition, is a tool designed for beginnersyou will therefore find complete guides on the Internet, in case you want to learn how to exploit its full potential.

We could say that its possibilities are almost endless, but if you only want it to lay out a CV, know that it will do the trick and allow you to obtain a unique result that lives up to what you want. you imagine.

Lucid press

Lucidpress is a popular document editing and layout tool

Lucidpress is a popular document editing and layout tool

We continue with an online document layout tool. It is used by many as a program to create content for editorials and advertising because it is easy to use.

Being an online tool, you don’t need to install any program. Although you have to sign up with an account to be able to access its entire catalog of job templates and features.

You can start working immediately with the drag and drop option. obviously it is ideal for resume layout and other documents, due to the number of options and its layered operation, allowing you to add professional effects, transparency and many other features.

If you prefer, once you have finished laying out the curriculum or any other project, you can print directly in PDF format or in another format. Although you have to pay 6 euros per month for your subscription.

It is a tool with many applications both professional and academic, because everything will depend on what you have to do, and Lucidpress will provide you with all the features for it.


Canva is one of the most comprehensive websites for creating content and even layout resumes

Canva is one of the most comprehensive websites for creating content and even layout resumes

It’s time to talk about one of the most popular tools for designing and laying out images, advertising publications, brochures, resumes and more, like Canva.

although you can make full use of Canva online from its website, you will also find a version in app format for Android and also iOS.

Canva is a tool that lets you lay out all kinds of documents and projects, including your resume. To do this, you can modify and customize every aspect of the design, adding effects, figures, columns and other elements, and even changing the font to the one you prefer.

No matter what kind of project do you have to doWell, it’s very likely that with Canva you can achieve that. Moreover, the tool itself offers you a large number of templates for you to choose from. Although it is important to note that you will find free template options and others for which you will have to shell out a few dollars.

The editing system is simple, as it’s basically drag-and-drop as you customize and adjust document elements. With this service, you can even create logos and any digital project of that nature.

Cloth it is a free tool With which you can create all kinds of graphic elements, but you can also layout your CV after choosing a template that you liked.


Joomag is another good tool for creating content of all kinds and even laying out a resume.

Joomag is another good tool for creating content of all kinds and even for writing a resume.

Last but not least, we have the Joomag program, which you can use completely online.

This tool was created for the purpose of allowing users to create and layout elements, such as magazines, photo books, catalogs, CVs much more. In addition, you will find just over 100 predefined graphic templates. But that’s not all, since it also allows you to start a project from a PDF.

It has two versions, one of which is free, which will allow you to work online only and access most functions. But there is the paid versionin which you have to buy a monthly subscription and this unlocks other features, such as downloading PDFs, selling your projects directly from the platform and much more.

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