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We test and rate the best mosquito killer lamps with a fan to put an end to bites.
We test and rate the best mosquito killer lamps with a fan to put an end to bites.

Summer nights (and days) are coming and mosquitoes and their bites are appearing! Mosquito nets, repellents, lamps… There are many alternatives to try to avoid them. On this occasion, we decided to try mosquito repellent lamps. But not just any model, but those that use, in addition to a ultraviolet light to attract insects, a fan to catch them. This way, instead of dying electrified (with its corresponding snap), they do it by dehydration. No noise, no fumes, no chemicals…

Best UV Mosquito Lamps

Specifically, the selected models are: Create a Bug Zapper (with an average score of 8 points), Taiso mosquito repellent lamp (7.25) yes Warmiehomy mosquito repellent lamp (5.5). Among these, we assessed the following aspects:

Design: its size, its aesthetics, the materials used for its manufacture…

Security: if there is a risk of an accident by touching them or if they use additional safety measures to avoid them.

Efficiency: whether they are able to attract mosquitoes and kill them (and their bites).

Others: additional functionalities related to its connection to the electrical network, functions such as a timer, etc.

Do UV lamps work against mosquitoes?

During the four weeks that the tests of these mosquito repellent UV lamps We have used them, both indoors and outdoors, always following the manufacturers’ recommendations regarding their location or lighting conditions, among others. It must be said that, unfortunately, they are not the ideal solution against mosquitoes at home, since their effectiveness is limited and depends a lot on the size and type of mosquito. For other insects, they are practically harmless. That said, the mosquito repellent lamp that has worked the best is Create a Bug Zapper, with which we captured the greatest number of insects. In addition, it’s aesthetically beautiful.

Mosquito lamp Create Bug Zapper: our choice and the best value for money

With a very neat design, it is a device designed to be used both in inside and outside. Once connected to the mains, press on its upper part so that it opens and its ultraviolet lamp is visible. Its operation is as follows: its emission technology 365 nanometer ultraviolet light wave frequencies attracts mosquitoes, which are sucked in by a suction fan, trapping them inside. So, are dehydrated with the air generated and end with a removable tray located at the bottom of the device.

data sheet

  • Internal light and timer: 365 nanometer LED / 8 -12 hours.
  • Working temperature: between -10 and 45ºC.
  • Power and frequency: 5W / 50-60Hz.
  • Dimensions: 181 x 176 x 138mm.
    Others: digital control, in PC/PVC, programmable, 2 modes.

The Create Bug Zapper mosquito repellent lamp has three touch keys: one to set a use the timer from 8 to 12 hours, another to change the fan speed (high, sleep or off) and a last one to activate the night light. We must say that it is not a night mode to use, that is, it is not designed to continue work at this time. Rather, it is an orange light to subtly illuminate the room without catching mosquitoes.

The manufacturer recommends placing it at least one meter away from people, in order to be more effective. In this direction, its frequency is the most suitable for trapping mosquitoes (mainly the common and the tiger), which are the ones he really captures, in a very silent way. With other types of insects, it has practically no effect. Create suggests putting some sort of attractant in the fly storage box, but that didn’t work for us.

The best, the worst and conclusions

  • The best: it is compact, well-designed and the most effective against mosquitoes.
  • Worse: It always works connected to the current.
  • Conclusion: the most effective device for killing mosquitoes in the house in comparison; It is also compact, beautiful and easy to use.

Taiso Mosquito Lamp mosquito repellent lamp: the alternative

Its operating system is very similar to that of the comparison winner: It emits UV light with a wavelength of 365nm which attracts mosquitoes, which are trapped by the strong suction of your fan, and eventually die of dehydration. An interesting point is that, despite its quality-adjusted design, it has a red protector which prevents the fan blade from being accidentally touched, reducing the risk of cuts when children or pets are in the house.

The Taiso Mosquito Lamp mosquito repellent lamp it connects via USB (so it can also be used with an external battery or connected to a computer port, for example) and does not come with an AC adapter. The cable is only one meter long, so laying it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations is not always easy.

Tips for its efficient operation are as follows: keep it dry, place it in a dark or dimly lit place, turn it on at least 3 hours before bedtime if used in a room, and place it at a height of 1 meter. It works reasonably well on small mosquitoes; with larger insects it is ineffective.

Mosquito Killer Lamp Warmiehomy Mosquito Killer Lamp

Available in white or black colours, its construction has a taut quality. It comes with a long USB cable to connect it to power; you need to get a separate adapter. Works like a mosquito trap: Its fan, noisier than that of the winner of the comparison, attracts insects that fly nearby. It incorporates lights, but they are of the LED type which are not effective for this purpose.

According to the manufacturer, the Mosquito Killer Lamp Warmiehomy Mosquito Killer Lamp works in spaces up to 50 square meters and recommends for best results to use it in empty, dark rooms, place it at least 50 centimeters off the floor and away from other light sources.

After the tests, we must say that its effectiveness in general is very limited. Your fan is not powerful enough to absorber larger insects and only capture those that are not strong enough to move away from the air current.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of July 15, 2022.

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