Ana María Aldón: “The Ortega Canos disrespected me and my husband consented”

  • Ana María Aldón: her first interview after leaving the media on medical prescription.

  • Ortega Cano’s wife considers that the bullfighter had to give him his place in front of his family.

  • Ana María Aldón suffers from the lack of respect from her husband’s family.

Ana Maria Aldon can’t take it anymore and decides, a few weeks ago, to move away from the media spotlight, accusing a feel down. The the doctor recommended rest and rest and for this reason she took time off from her work as a collaborator in ‘Live life’. Now, Ortega Cano’s wife returns to television with Tony Moreno, to whom he confesses what happened and what his relationship running with the bullfighter.

Ortega Cano’s call to ‘It’s already 8’: the origin of it all

Ana María admits being in the hands of a psychologist who you work with to make you feel better. But what caused this situation? Aldon reveals that José Ortega Cano’s call to ‘It’s already 8 o’clock’ asking his wife and daughter, Glory Camille, That they didn’t talk about him didn’t please him: “He had me in front of him, he didn’t need to call to say that, you didn’t need to call because you had me to Your sides .”

Our guest thinks she may have called the show to tell Gloria that she didn’t dare say it to her face. A few days later, Ana María left, but she says this trip was planned because it was when her son was on vacation from school: “I didn’t ask who was coming. He told me he had to do things. She went with her son to Whale Coast, Cadiz, at the bullfighter’s holiday home, and very close to his family.

What happened after Ortega Cano called

What happened after Ortega Cano called

Why did Ana María Aldón leave home after Ortega Cano called?

“I’m not angry This day. A m sad by an accumulation of things that happen. Some come out, others don’t, fortunately. There are situations that could be avoided, but they are not. When certain limits are exceeded you have to withdraw, that’s what I did, to reflect. Even if I didn’t think much because sadness blocks me in a way…”. Ana María says it’s the first crisis fat he needed to get out of.

“Wing anxiety you add sadness, disappointment and the lack of will to live and that’s a Molotov cocktail, it’s to burst, ”adds Ana María. She says Ortega asked her not to leave, but she set the course anyway: “I couldn’t wait.” Meanwhile, Ortega has been very supportive. And how do you plan your coming? “I don’t know what I’m going to do. First, retrieve. And then everything that comes.”

Ana María Aldón: “My husband should have set limits”

Ana María admits having put up with a lot of things until she got to the situation she finds herself in and when Toñi asks her if she regrets not having set limits, she responds forcefully: “It was my husband who should have set limits. I think there may have been solutions. For me, something important would have been for him to say “she’s my wife and you respect her whether you like it or not”. It’s the same thing I ask my family about him.”

“Married couples are two people and the rest, none of them live with us,” he adds. Toñi asks him about the things that hurt him: “Things that happen in the family and that, in no case, I will not allow anyone anymore”, and of which he does not give more details. The presenter insists and asks “What are you humiliate and they allow it? to which she replies yes: “Disrespect”. For example, making him feel inferior, canceling you, not respecting his opinions… he’s not talking about Ortega here, but about other people: “My husband consented a lot of things I shouldn’t.”

Ana María Aldón talks about what she feels with the Ortega Cano

Ana María Aldón talks about what she feels with the Ortega Cano

Has Ana María thought about separating from Ortega Cano?

Toñi Moreno is clear. have you thought about Break away of Ortega Cano as a result of this situation? “These days I haven’t been thinking about parting, I’ve been thinking about recovering and I have what has to come.” And what would you like your husband to do from now on? “My husband will not change.” And when the presenter goes further and asks if in this house they have mistreated, Ana María says her husband never has, but acknowledges that he felt little warmth from his surroundings. Know that there are things that will not change.

The relationship between Gloria Camila and Ana María Aldón

Ana María and Gloria Camila do not speak to each other, although Aldón blurts out that there is no problem on his part (implied that it is the bullfighter’s daughter who does not speak to him). In fact, Gloria did not call Ana María to inquire about her condition. “Resolving the situation with Gloria is difficult because everything is not known. Forgiveness is not difficult” and she does not answer when Toñi asks her if she has given her a place as his father’s wife. respected everyone and if they don’t respect me then I will make sure they respect me.”

Ana María talks about her relationship with Gloria Camila

Ana María talks about her relationship with Gloria Camila

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