Although it may not look like it, the Specter 1 electric bike is a moped in almost all of Europe – Electric bikes – Hybrids and electrics

The ace electric bikes are limited by Normative EPAC which forces them to reduce their benefits to be considered normal bikes and do not need insurance or registration. However, some manufacturers prefer violate this rule although in return, homologation requires fulfilling the obligations of a electric moped. This is the case of the spectrum 1, a Belgian “electric bicycle” which, with a frame of carbon fiber and a 750 W motor it comes out of the approval to offer a product of high technology and high performancewhat the company calls “the transport of the future”.

The Specter 1 has been nominated for the next edition of the award Eurobike Innovation Award. Its Belgian design is distinguished by an origami-inspired carbon fiber frame and fork and a mid-motor mounted on the bottom bracket that reaches a power of 750W and offers a maximum assist speed of 45km/h. Its manufacturer is aware that these characteristics, in Europe, qualify it as an L1e-B vehiclei.e. an electric moped.

electric bike Specter 1 electric moped speed pedelec-interior1
Specter 1 is a high-tech, high-performance electric bicycle, what the company calls “the transport of the future”.

The lithium battery which integrates the carbon fiber frame, which can be removed to rechargehas a capacity of 750Wh and is able to offer autonomy among 40 and 110 kilometers. As in all cases, these figures depend on the type of cyclist, the level of assistance required among the three existing ones, the orography of the terrain and the weather. In all cases, the figures can be doubled if the option of a dual battery. For the transmission, it does without the chain to mount a correa Gates Carbon. It is completed by a system of continuous variable changes mounted on the rear hub.

On the handlebar there is a control screen in high definition, water resistant with connection 4G and Wi-Fi, displays the most relevant information such as battery charge level, speed and distance travelled. It also provides maps with step-by-step navigation and even weather reports thanks to the fact that its software is based on the Android operating system. Buttons on the handlebars let you switch between screens without having to take your hands off the grips. This data, along with other extended stats, can be accessed through a dedicated mobile app that connects to the bike via Bluetooth. The complete set has a final weight of 19.8 kilograms.

electric bike Specter 1 electric moped speed pedelec-interior1
Specter 1 electric bike. Above is high resolution handlebar display with Android system. Below, carbon belt drive system and continuously variable gearbox.

For the moment, Specter 1 has not entered production, but it is already possible to make a Advance booking via the manufacturer’s websitein exchange for a deposit of 200 euros. The final price of the bike will be 8,223 euros excluding taxes.

The Speed ​​PedelecEXT Debate

In most of Europe, including Spain, electric bikes must comply with EPAC vehicle regulations (Electronically assisted cycles) or pedal assistance. not to be considered category “L” vehicles (including mopeds), and therefore not requiring homologation, registration or insurance, must meet several requirements. The engine power must be equal to or less than 250Wthe maximum speed which the motor assists the pedaling must be 25km/h and the the motor can only be activated when pedalingand therefore the use of the trigger or accelerators to start it is prohibited.

In the United States, for example, manufacturers have a little more freedom since the legislation authorizes three different classes which admit, in addition to the accelerator, powers of up to 750 W and speeds of up to 45 km/h.

VanMoof V reopens the e-bike debate
The VanMoof V reopens the debate on electric bikes.

With this idea in several European manufacturers such as moof have created high-speed electric bicycles (speed pedelec) that have reopened the debate on the need to review the regulations and brought it to the fore today. The demand that this type of bike will have on the market demonstrates this the 10,000 reservations the VanMoof V received in a very short time.

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