Alavés carry out their first summer test on penalties

Despite the fact that it has only been a month and a half since they certified their demotion, Deportivo Alavés have left behind all the negativity accumulated over the past season and, under the orders of Luis García Plaza, are already transmitting somewhat different feelings. Good news which, at this stage of the pre-season, does not mean much, but it was enough for the albiazules supporters to go to Medina de Pomar this Saturday enjoy the first brushstrokes of the renewal Gloriouswho beat Burgos 1-1 (2-4) on penalties.

There, in Burgos land, Babazorro’s team jumped onto the scorching pitch forming a classic 4-4-2. In this direction, Anthony Siverarecently renovated, occupied the goal – Pacheco was ruled out of the call-; Tenaglia, Sedlar, Lejeune and Javi Lopez they were members of his rearguard; Carlos Benavidez and Salva Sevilla they have taken over in the medulla; Xeber Alkain and Abde Rebbach youth team they took care of the extremities; Yes Taichi Hara and Miguel De la Fuente They acted at the forefront of the attack.

The pace of the match, as expected, was slow due to the physical load of the first training sessions and, if anything shone above all, it was the thickness of both teams’ play. However, in this summer narrative, it was Alavés who was the most comfortable with the ball on foot thanks, in large part, to the ease of Salva Sevilla and Lejeune when starting traffic and also the insistence d’Abde and Alkain to search the back. of rival defenders.

Ten minutes into the match, shortly after the cross-fire warning, three of the four players mentioned were the protagonists in the opener. The French central defender found the Gipuzkoa winger by means of a long movement, which hooked the ball into the box from the right wing, and the Algerian striker, key last year in the minigloriesappeared at the far post to push the center, without much opposition, into the back of the net (0-1).

After the first goal of the match, Alavés kept their dominance and tried to continue building the game from behind, which, yes, didn’t seem to bother Burgos. This script, which allowed to see interesting details of Hara in attack, was maintained until the hydration break, when the albiazules began to notice the wear. A circumstance which Burgos took advantage of to show his teeth and equalize the electronics through Valcarce, who found himself at the penalty spot on a poor clearance from Sivera (1-1).

Already in the second half, Luis García completely changed the formation and the eleven. In a clear 4-5-1, Owono went under the sticks; Anderson, Abqar, Duarte and Perera formed the line of four; Balboa, Toni Moya and Abdallahi added intensity in midfield; Luis Rioja and Jason attacked on the wings; and Mamadou Sylla acted as the spearhead of Glorioso, with whom the babazorro youth team Imanol Baz and Unai Ropero also later competed.

Resumptions, it should be mentioned, there were not too many after the passage to the cloakrooms. The friendly became a back and forth, but with errors in the final meters, and the goalkeepers were just spectators until the final whistle, which led the two teams to a session of shoot to the net. Here the triumph was won by Alavés with an enlarged Jesús Owono who stopped two lengths (2-4) and, in this way, gave value to the successes of Jason, Sylla, Moya and Rioja.

Match sheet

Bourgos (1): Barrio, Navarro, Zabaco, Córdoba, Grego, José Matos, Andy, Mumo, López, Valcarce and Artola –initial eleven–. They played in the second half: Borja, Fran García, Loïc, Saúl Berjón, Malbasic, Serrano, Bassa and Del Cerro.

Alaves (1): Sivera, Tenaglia, Sedlar, Lejeune, Javi López, Benavídez, Salva Sevilla, Alkain, Abde Rebbach, Taichi Hara and Miguel –from eleven–. They played in the second half: Owono, Arroyo, Abqar, Duarte, Perera, Moya, Balboa, Abdallahi, Jason, Rioja, Sylla, Baz and Ropero.

Goals: Min 11, Abde Rebbach (0-1); Min 44, Pablo Valcarce (1-1). Alavés won on penalties (2-4).

Square: Jesus Maria Pereda (Medina de Pomar).

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