“Abdominal liposuction manages to reverse the trend of fat accumulation, but it should not replace a healthy lifestyle”

Dr. Carlos Gullón Cabrero, plastic surgeon from FEMM Clinic, tells us about the surgeries that men are asking for the most today and some very interesting aspects related to the process. As he explains, the aesthetic It has acquired enormous importance at this time, and it is important to take care of it, leading a healthy lifestyle.

What drives more men to opt for cosmetic surgery?

The real possibilities of improvement offered by surgery. We live in a time where health, well-being and aesthetic appearance are a priority for many people who understand that they are an integral part of a full life.

What are the most requested?

Men, like women, have different needs depending on their age. The appearance of the body is neater at an earlier age. In this sense, gynecomastia or the accumulation of volume in the breasts and liposuction and abdominal definition are the most requested. Among older men, facial eyelid surgery and general aging with procedures such as facelift are more in demand.

Are these surgeries for life or do you have to go back to the hands of a professional from time to time to keep them?

The duration of the effects of surgery depends, to a large extent, on personal care. Maintaining the right weight and exercising regularly helps prolong the effects of surgery for life. In the case of facial rejuvenation, exposure to the sun and tobacco should be avoided. Some maintenance treatments maintain the effect of surgery. In any case, lifestyle plays a fundamental role in prolonging the effects of surgery: you cannot stop the biological clock, but a healthy life is a very powerful tool.

Gynecomastia and liposuction and abdominal definition are the most requested surgeries.

Until recently, in gyms, men tended to be more concerned with working their upper body. What has changed so that they are now looking for buttock augmentation surgery?

The spirit of seeking formal perfection leads us to the desire to improve every part of the body. The appearance of this part of the anatomy is increasingly appreciated, probably also due to its importance as an erotic attribute. The buttocks are one of those areas to which we give more importance from a sexual point of view and everyone knows that it is an essential motivation for many people who seek fullness also from this point of view. seen.

Many controversies have arisen around the famous six-pack because the result does not seem quite natural in some cases. What do you think of these results and how to fix it?

When surgical interventions are performed whose effect is not compatible with bodily harmony, the results generate, to say the least, controversy; It’s not reasonable to do sit-ups if I’m overweight because only people very close to their ideal weight can do it naturally.

Healthy living is a very powerful tool.

Some surgeons choose to monitor this aspect of the surgery closely. Abdominal liposuction can be performed, the result of which manages to mark the abdominals, but without forcing the result: the people who define the abdominal muscles must be in an area close to their ideal weight. Surgery manages to reverse the trend of fat accumulation in certain areas, but it should not be intended to replace a healthy lifestyle.

Are these surgeries only cosmetic or can they improve health, for example in the case of a repositioning of the jaw?

Orthognathic surgery seeks proper masticatory and respiratory functioning. Also the phonatory, which allows to better articulate the words. As is often the case in other areas, when we correct the gaps between the jaws, a facial harmonization is also produced, recovering the face to its ideal proportions. Therefore, in addition to improving function, we beautify patients.

The masticatory function is important because we improve digestive health, because it is the first step in good digestion. Breathing has a direct effect on sleep and this on the level of general health. So we see how orthognathic surgery or correct chewing has important implications in promoting health and well-being.

Maintaining the right weight and exercising regularly helps prolong the effects of surgery for life.

What is the link between self-esteem and cosmetic surgery?

With the surgery, we make the patient feel better and more comfortable with himself, because that aspect that he didn’t like disappears, which was a problem for him. The vast majority of patients tell us that cosmetic surgery has meant a before and after in their lives, that they have even started to do activities that they did not do before because they did not feel up to it. comfortable and confident with their physical appearance.

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