5 forbidden food groups if you have high triglycerides

Triglycerides are a type of fat, in fact it is the most common type humans have in their bodies.

These usually come from foods of fatty origin, such as butter or oil, but they are also formed from excess energy provided by other foods, especially those rich in carbohydrateswhich are transformed and stored (energy reserve) for later release.

They advise eating less than 150 grams of sausages per week to limit the risk of colorectal cancer

That is why it is important to understand that they are important and necessary, but it is true that too much can cause heart disease and it may be a sign of metabolic syndrome.

Its level can be measured by taking a blood test by looking at the cholesterol level:

  • Normal: It is less than 150.
  • The upper level limit is 150 to 199.
  • High is 200 to 499.
  • Very high is 500 or more.

Diet control can help them stay on their optimal levels and that is why you should reduce the consumption of these foods:

1. Alcohol


The alcohol is perhaps one of the biggest enemies of people with high triglycerides because increases production of these in the liver.

Because? It’s as simple as this drink contains carbohydrates and alcohol, the 2 substances that produce this type of fat the most.

2. Sausages


Not all of them are so harmful, but the truth is that ultra-processed sausages are generally worse for your health. Leaner ones, such as turkey breast, cooked ham or Serrano ham, will be best.

On the other hand, chorizo ​​or sausages, salchichón, chopped or mortadella are those that higher amount of saturated fatty acids They own.

3. Red meat

Red meat

red meat is bigger than white meats, so when a person has the high triglycerides he is told not to use this guy.

It is easily replaceable, although of course it is a source of iron and vitamins and white meat does not contain as much, it can always be combined with other foods to reach these levels without resorting to Red meat.

4. Brioches, sugars and ultra-processed


Son huge sources of carbs and above all very caloric, so what happens when you eat these products is that throughout the day you consume more calories than you burn.

This is explained by accumulation of this reserve of energy discussed earlier, and therefore increased triglycerides.

5. Vegetable oils and fats

Palm oil

Butter or coconut and palm oil are saturated fats, i.e. the most harmful fats for your health if you have the high triglycerides.

Excess saturated fat is directly linked to increased blood cholesterolthe development of atherosclerosis and an increased risk of heart disease, which is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Spain.

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