4 tips to prevent malware from infecting your Android

Downloading an app can cause all data to be lost, so it’s best to heed these security tips from Microsoft.

Microsoft warns: 4 tips to prevent malware from infecting your Android

Download a antivirus app on your android mobile he can end up being a real disaster, or even lead to the loss of your bank details and, consequently, your money. To help you achieve more security when using your smartphone, Microsoft gives you 4 key tips to detect dangerous situations and prevent malware from infecting your android.

In the section dedicated to telephone fraud on the web Microsoft Securitythe company explains that this type of scam is one of the most common and that it can lead to the loss of large sums of money. Techniques to trick users are becoming more sophisticated, which is why Microsoft recommends preventing certain situations so that you don’t have to regret it later. Next, we explain Microsoft’s 4 tips for achieving this prevention to which so much importance attaches.

Microsoft warns: 4 tips to prevent malware from infecting your Android

Microsoft gives you 4 tips to avoid downloading malware on your Android.

Always download apps from trusted sources

It’s advice we give you often, but Microsoft reminds you of it again so that you continue to heed it. The company recommends that you download apps only from trusted sources, ya sean the google play store u other alternative stores that they are safe. In this way, you will ensure that the applications in question arrive without viruses and you will be able to use them without fear.

Take good care of the permissions you grant

When you open an application for the first time, the most normal thing is that this asks you to grant certain permissions to function properly. For instance, WhatsApp may ask you for access to the microphone and camera, or Google Maps may ask you to allow it to access the location recorded by the mobile.

As Microsoft explains, you need to see what permissions an app is asking you for and analyze whether it really needs them to do its job. You should pay special attention to the permissions of access to SMS, notifications and accessibilityWhy are not commonly needed for the proper functioning of an application.

Android 12 Privacy Dashboard

It is important that you control the permissions of the installed applications as much as possible // Image: Beatriz Alcántara Gil.

Of course, these are very powerful permissions and directly linked to your personal accounts. For example, by SMS, you can receive a verification code to complete a banking transaction. If “hackers” steal your account number and have access to your text messages, they can easily attack you. For him, extreme precautions when granting permissions to applications.

Permission control is even easier if you have Android 12 installed on your smartphone. as you are told in Android 12 security guideone of the most interesting features is the authorization manager, which clearly informs you of what permissions exist and which apps have access to each. Also, from there you can revoke them directly.

uses tools to detect malicious apps

In this advice, Microsoft takes the opportunity to advertise one of its security tools. More specifically, we recommend use solutions that help us detect malicious applications on our devices. This can be any trusted antivirus or Microsoft Defender Enterprise Security Platform for Endpoint.

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Renew your mobile if it no longer receives support

The last advice that Microsoft offers is to renew your mobile phone if it is no longer supported by the manufacturer, that is, if will no longer have security updates. As we have already explained to you in Andro4all, this is the best method for know if it’s time to change your Xiaomi mobilebecause this company details on its website which models it will no longer update.

Sea Xiaomi, Samsung or any other brand, the wisest thing is to change your old smartphone to a new one when it is no longer supported. This is because you will no longer receive essential security updates. you will not be protected against possible threats. It will be so much easier to get infected with malware.

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