Yulen, Omar or the waiter

Nominated this week, Anabel Pantoja is on the verge of the ‘Survivors’ finale, but does she know what awaits her around the corner?

Anabel Pantoja his heart is divided, very divided. So much so that on his return from ‘Survivors’ he will find a curious brown. On the island we saw how Anabel Pantoja lost her mind about Yulen Pereirade quien se ha enamorado hasta las trancas y cuyo único temor es que, pasado el concurso de survival, el tirador de esgrima la abandone por aquello de que cualquier circunstancia que suceda pendante un reality se magnifica y poco o nada tiene que ver con la Vie real.

Of course, as revealed Omar Sanchezthe still husband of Anabel Pantoja – they married on October 1 and separated four months after the wedding –, Before leaving for Honduras, Anabel and Omar spent the last days together and even had intimate relations. It looks like they’ve agreed to wait until ‘Survivors’ is over to decide what to do with their marriage. Until Kiko Matamoros He assured in the ‘Deluxe’ that Anabel hopes to reconcile with Omar Sánchez when he returns to Spain. The irruption in his life of Yulen Pereira canceled these plans, because Omar felt outraged and humiliated, as revealed exclusively for Readingshe therefore does not plan to wait for her beyond the signing of the divorce.

Omar Sanchez and Yulen Pereira

Yulen Pereira or Omar Sanchez. It seems that Anabel Pantoja has already decided who she wants to start a family with.

There are no two without three. Anabel Pantoja, on her return from Honduras, will find another open front, the one that started with the Sevillian waiter José María Escribano, who spoke exclusively for ‘Socialité’. José María Escribano, in addition to being a waiter, is also a Gerena town councilor for the PP. “We see each other in December, we meet in February and we start a relationship that we do not want to name“, declares Escribano on television. If these words are confirmed – we must hear the version of Anabel – the niece of Isabel Pantoja could have played several gangs if it is true that before going to Honduras she slept with Omar Sánchez, the Black Has Anabel betrayed her husband and the Sevillian waiter?

Jose Maria Escribano

José María Escribano, in his professional double facet. Server and councilor of the PP at the town hall of Gerena, Seville.

Instagram @jm.escribano

Escribano said: “It was an attraction, Anabel is a person who knows how to stand out, we had a feeling. I don’t know if I was the last person he saw before going to Honduras. He left me a letter and took one of my bracelets to Honduras which I gave him, but I don’t know why he didn’t wear it on the show., she, in turn, left me a piece of clothing with her perfume… We connected a lot”. And not only that, José María Escribano told her of his desire to have children, an illusion that in principle he did not share with the television collaborator, who assured him that he did not want to be a mother . But Anabel has already told Yulen that she wants to have a child with him. “Of course, I’m not going to wait for him. I’ll wait if you call me and we talk”, Escribano said.

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