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A new investigation paves the way for news that would reveal the animal’s ability to camouflage itself.

The life in our planetcontrary to what seems to be happening in our galactic neighborhood, it is so abundant as extensivein addition to there being a species diversity which is exciting. The Earthseen from space, is a huge blue balloon and this is due to the large number of water that exists on its surface. A water that shows us how marine animals have dominated their environment for millennia and that hide the surprises like him The Kavachi underwater volcano, which spews acid and teems with sharks. Speaking of the Sharksa new study could show a new aspect of your integration into the ocean ecosystem.

Shark camouflage is currently being studied and it is fascinating to see if color change theories are correct.

And new documentary prestigious National geographicwhich will be titled camouflaged sharkslook for it confirmation that the great white sharks seems able change its color go unnoticed when hunting. ryan johnsonwith his student Gibbs Kuguruis the marine biologist who will carry behind the cameras and he will find a way solve this mysterytrying to find definitive proof that these marine predators can modify their skin cells to change their hue.

Great white sharks could change color to blend in with their surroundings

Great white sharks could change color to blend in with their surroundings

The biologistjust like reports digital media Ars Technica, grew up in new zealand with the still established belief that dolphins are the good inhabitants of the ocean and that sharks are the dark side of the waters. Whereas investigationat the age of 20, great white sharks in South Africa, he realized that they were massacre be made into soups and exotic foods. Now is where his passion was born for these incredible animals.

Along with his partner Gibbs Kuguru, Ryan seems to be clear that there is a solid base think that the great white sharks could slightly change color on some occasions, since it has already been demonstrated that other species Sharks change color as they age or when subjected to high pressure situations. Moreover, it seems that other specimens are able to absorb blue light of the ocean and convert it in a tone greenwhich gives the impression of making these sharks shine, in a phenomenon that has been called biofluorescence.

Now, the two researchers believe that the Color change could be due to a hormonal controleven if for that they need obtain skin samples of live animals. In other species of sharks a specimen is obtained and it is painlessly killed, in the so-called animal euthanasia, but the white shark is a protected species and this technique is strictly prohibited. The solution? Kuguru must have entered a diving cage and get the samples at once stinger. The bone melanocytes of the skin changed color when the adrenaline was applied and this is where this color change can be explained. The great white sharks could change color depends on square where they are, so they can hunt without being observed.

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