Windows 12 would arrive sooner than expected

Just a year later the presentation Windows 11, Microsoft already seems determined to launch its successor. As reported Windows Central, the Redmond company will once again modify the development cycle of its operating system and will release new versions every three years, instead of every five. A) Yes, Windows 12 would arrive sooner than expected and debut in 2024.

Not only will this change the new release schedule developers adopted when Windows 10 was introduced in 2015, but it will also mean fundamental changes to the planned upgrade schedule for Windows 11.

According to the aforementioned media, the anticipated arrival of Windows 12 will force Microsoft to remove a Windows 11 update scheduled for 2023. This will not imply that the new functions designed for said version will be discarded, but rather that their arrival to the public will be brought forward. This way they mention the features designed for the version Valley of the Sun 3 they will arrive in Valley of the Sun 2.

Another interesting fact that has become known is that the changes that Microsoft will adopt in its development cycle will allow it to add new features to its operating system without them being related to major updates. This would happen up to four times a year, starting in 2023.

What do we know about Windows 12 so far?

Windows 11 |  Windows 12

Little and nothing, for now. Schedule changes you report Windows Central They took everyone by surprise, since no one expected Microsoft to change the release cycle of new versions of its operating system again. It’s true that those of Redmond still they have not publicly confirmed the measurebut it can only be a matter of time before that happens.

It remains to be seen whether Windows 12 will finally arrive in 2024 and not in 2026, as initially planned. how big is the change from windows 11. It stands to reason that the jump will be much less drastic than what we saw with the jump from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

For now, the aforementioned outlet reports that internal conversations regarding the project are naming the upcoming OS as “The Next Valley”. But it is not yet clear whether this is a temporary codename or a permanent name.

There’s also no real clarity as to whether, in fact, “Windows 12” will be the name of the next version. It is true that maintaining a numerical correlation between the different generations of software is the most logical choice, but you should never completely close the door to surprises. After all, let’s not forget that before the release of Windows 11, there was a strong rumor circulating that Microsoft was planning to drop the numbers and embrace “Windows.”

For now, those led by Satya Nadella keep working to optimize Windows 11 with more news. The upcoming changes are mainly related on the taskbaras well as the widget area.

Hopefully, when Windows 12 hits the market, Microsoft will at least be able to upgrade all your equipment without too much drama.

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