which teams can qualify for the quarter-finals

16 teams started the journey to the Euros on July 6, but only half will qualify for the quarter-finals.

England, Germany there France They already have their ticket. On the other side of the coin, Northern Ireland and Finland are out of options.

We are going to look at where the rest of the teams are and what scenarios they would need to qualify for the quarter-finals.


  • England: He is already ranked first in the group.
  • Norway: only the victory against Austria is worth it to qualify second.
  • Austria: a win or draw against Norway is worth it to qualify second.
  • North Ireland: you have no options.

Here are the group’s stats:

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  • Germany: classified as the first of the group.
  • Spain: a win or draw against Denmark is worth it to qualify second.
  • Denmark: only the victory against Spain is worth to him to be classified second.
  • Finland: you have no options.

This is the group:

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  • Sweden: will qualify if they win or draw against Portugal. It can finish level on points with the Netherlands if they get the same result (win or draw) in their game against Switzerland; in this case, first place will be determined by overall goal difference, total number of goals scored, disciplinary ranking or FIFA coefficient, in that order.
  • Portugal: will qualify if they win their match against Sweden and Switzerland draw or lose their match against the Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands: will qualify if they draw or win against Switzerland (the first place situation was explained above with Sweden).
  • Swiss: will qualify if they win and Portugal lose or draw Sweden.

Here are the numbers in detail:

If Switzerland and Portugal win their matches, it will be a four-way draw in Group C and everything will be decided on overall goal difference, total number of goals scored, disciplinary classification and coefficient, in that order.

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  • France: placed first in the group.
  • Iceland: they will qualify if they win their game against France no matter what happens in the other group game or if they draw and there is also a draw between Belgium and Italy . In the event of a tie and Belgium or Italy win the match between them, the classification will be decided according to the criteria already seen above (goal difference, goals scored, etc.).
  • Italy : they will qualify if they win their match and Iceland lose theirs or if they win theirs, Iceland draw against France and qualifying on goal difference and other criteria favors them.
  • Belgium: scenario identical to that of Italy.

These are the data:

This is how things are right now Europe championship, with four frantic days ahead in which national teams play it all on one map. Every day a group, two matches and at least one team eliminated and another classified.

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