WhatsApp warns: if you receive this message, they are trying to scam you

It’s not new that through WhatsAppthe most popular mobile messaging app, more and more engage Cybercriminality. However, and despite numerous warnings from the authorities, it is a type of delinquency that persists despite the numerous campaigns carried out to make citizens aware of the dangers to which they are exposed. And it is that cybercriminals, as a rule, try to capture the attention of users by making them believe that the information sent to them is true when in fact this is not the case and their only objective is of steal your personal data.

That same week the The police station He warned on his social networks with the Office of Internet Security (OSI) the population of the danger of a message that has reached a large number of people on their mobile phones in recent days.

The fake 130th anniversary of Coca-Cola

In the message, the criminals pose as Coke make the victim believe that on the occasion of his 130th birthday, the company offers gifts to celebrate him. And in reality, what they are trying to do is to direct the user to a web page that offers counterfeit cards worth 500 euros at shell gas stations to obtain their private data and thus subscribe them to a service which costs 43.50 euros every 14 days.

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