We meet the last eight semi-finalists of ‘La Voz Kids’ in an assault full of tears and tenderness

The Assaults are over and we now know the names of the eight remaining semi-finalists who will accompany the eight talents who have already made their way to the Semi-finals in the previous Assault: Triana Jiménez, Irene Molina, Aroa Salaño and Blanca Miralles, by David Bisbal. , and Marina Oliván, Roberta Fauteck, Emilio Díaz and Carlos Higes, from the Aitana team.

Again, the teams that progressed to the next phase were formed by public vote on the set of ‘The voice of children‘ (one talent per team) and at the choice of the coach and his adviser (three talents per group).

Before starting to see the first children on stage, David Bisbal there Luis Fonsi They took to the stage conveying their good energy and great joy while performing the song ‘Dos vez’.


The team of Paul Lopez there Antoine Orozco He surprised many during the Assaults and, from the public vote and the decision of the coach, was composed of four very different voices for the Semi-final: Pol, Fran, Marcella and Daniela.

Pol bald caused a sensation by singing “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston and the public clearly understood that he deserved his place in the semi-finals. “It’s great to do something so big,” admitted the artist from Malaga about his talent. His performance was a real revolution!

The decision of Pablo López, assisted by Antonio Orozco, was one of the most complicated. Fran García, Marcella Mrvaljevich and Daniela de los Ángeles completed the group of semi-finalists with three very diverse voices.

France sang the song very powerfully “The Show Must Go On” by Queen leaving coaches and advisors speechless, marcella surprised by a perfect interpretation of “Shallow” by Lady Gagathere Daniela makes a version with a lot of personality of the theme ‘Driver’s License’ by Olivia Rodrigo.

Nayeli Ruiz, Claudia Santamaría and Rocío Domínguez did not reach the semi-finals, but left fully supported by their coach and advisor. Additionally, we had a precious moment in Assaults when Antonio Orozco shared a unique duet singing ‘Entre sobras y sobras me missing’ with Rocío Domínguez. revive it!


Sebastien Yatra there Lola Indigo they suffered a lot to decide for only four votes from their team. Eventually, with the help of the public vote, they ended up with two boys and two girls with very different voices: Macarena, Antonio, Marta and Mario.

The little Macarena Estevez was chosen by the public to go to the semi-finals. The 7-year-old made a mistake early on in the song but she didn’t get discouraged from continuing to sing Miguel Ríos’ song ‘Welcome’ with great energy. Macarena broke down in tears of emotion at the end of the chant but was enveloped with great tenderness by all the coaches and advisers. This performance will be part of the history of ‘La Voz Kids’!

The last three places for the semi-final were decided between Sebastián Yatra and Lola Índigo who made their decision very excited. Finally, they have chosen their three talents who will accompany Macarena in the next phase: Antonio Cortés, Marta Porris and Mario Falero.

Anthony made hair stand on end with his flamenco rendition of “May Everything Go Well For You” by Vicente Fernández, Martha he made an awesome version of the theme “Please Don’t Make Me Love You” from the Drácula Musical there mario moved with the subject “How to look at you” by Sebastián Yatra.

Shariff Ardá, Guillermo Moreno and Paula Cañaveras did not reach the next phase, but they said goodbye to Sebastián Yatra and Lola Índigo with smiles and precious words of encouragement. Keep fighting for your dreams!

Finally, we cannot forget to highlight the precious moment that left us Review Montaner with a solo performance with which he completely shone in the Assaults. Aitana’s counselor gave the sweetest performance of “La Voz Kids” singing “Even If It’s Not With Me”.

After the performance, Aitana He confessed very moved the reason why could not sing next to the Venezuelan artist. “I’m healing,” he admitted as he merged in an emotional embrace with Evaluna.

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