Three fingers amputated by one ugly each

Niki Tuuli had a bad fall during the test Supersport World Championship Estoril Weeks ago. In the serious accident he suffered, he had a problem with the chain of his motorcycle. As a result, they had to amputate three toes of the left foot.

Almost two months have passed since this incident which marked a break in the sporting life of the pilot, but also in his personal life. Were two operations he had to face to try to recover as soon as possible.

The truth is that the three fingers were badly affected after the accident. During the first operation they were able to keep them without amputating them. However, a few days later, he crossed operating room because the situation already seemed untenable and there was no choice but to amputate them without being able to save them.

This week he posted a video on his social media in which he shows the condition of your foot and how it is recovering.

The wound from the surgery, as you can see, is still healing, although it looks like it’s already starting to heal, which means that’s good news.

Meanwhile, Tuuli -who represents MV Agusta- resigned himself to the consequences of the injury because he knows he faces them every time he gets on his bike. Take that risk and compete.

recovery process

It’s slow, but it’s progressing slowly. A little over a month ago the driver uploaded a snapshot via instagram where he was still bedridden in hospital in San José, Portugal.

“The first operation took place on Sunday and in this operation they tried to fix everything with nails or whatever. I don’t know how to fix it, but the damage was so bad that my toes didn’t come back to life even after the operation,” he recalls.

“The second operation was on Thursday and unfortunately they had to amputate all three of my toes. I suffered a lot of pain, and more in the nerves“, phrasing.

He’s not a big fan of social media and doesn’t usually update his Twitter account. However, on Instagram, he seems to feel free to communicate with his followers.

It also serves to encourage your substitute, and the Italian Mattia Casadei. At first, it was expected that the recovery might be faster with the encouragement to return, but it will be necessary to wait a little longer to determine whether this situation is finally possible or not.

The rider, who achieved three podiums and a pole position in Moto E, could still be confident of arriving in time for the last meeting in July which will host the Circuit de Most the weekend of July 29 to 31.

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