This is the revolution with which Braga intends to change ‘football’

SC Braga collected the witness of this “Great sit-in” proposed by Luis Aragons in 2004 to reformulate our football.

President Antnio Salvador is the great promoter of a “revolutionary” project that can change the “futebol” forever: “It is necessary to carry out structural reforms that guarantee competitiveness and sustainability. There must be an open debate between all players in football.”

It is necessary to carry out structural reforms that guarantee competitiveness and sustainability. There must be an open debate between all football agents

Antonio Salvador

André Viana, adviser to the president, explained this in detail in an exclusive ‘meeting’ that had MARCA as the sole Spanish representative.

Need a new League model… with ‘playoffs’?

“Nothing is forever. The current “model” is not competitive enough. We need a more unpredictable, more profitable, to attract more followers…”, they point out.

The numbers back it up. Porto (12), Benfica (7) and Sporting (2) have shared all the championships since 2001. “We dream of being champions and it’s very difficult like that. The idea is to bet on a model that allows more competitive matches with uncertain forecasts, from above and from below”, Salvador maintains that, although he slipped the possibility of including a “playoff” at the end of the regular League, he avoided giving hints: “We want to discuss it first with the League, the Federation and the government.”

We dream of being champions and it is very difficult. The idea is to bet on a model that allows for more competitive matches and uncertain predictions, both above and below

Antonio Salvador

Paradoxically, the average number of points in the “top 4” of Portugal is the highest in Europe. Ah, an “abyss” opens. The gap between the champion (Porto) and the 5 (Gil Vicente) is the highest on the Old Continent: 40 points!!!

Source: SC Braga.

A ‘handicap’ which is ‘perceptible’ in Europe. Only Porto, Benfica, Sporting and Braga systematically add points to the UEFA coefficient. Thus, Portugal could fall to seventh place in the “ranking” and lose a place in the Champions League in favor of the Netherlands.

Centralized rights

Braga is betting on the need to TV rights are sold collectively, not individually. A measure which, they understand, benefits Benfica, Porto and Sporting, which year after year are widening an economic gap with the rest.

Moreover, they cited Spain as an example. In La Liga, 50% of the rights are distributed equally, 25% according to the ranking of the last five seasons and the remaining 25% according to the number of clubs.

A more “equitable” distribution which should necessarily result in improve stadiums, playgrounds and infrastructure, promote careers and the creation of women’s teams, improve financial and ‘marketing’ services…

lack of audience

Braga also defends the need to defend fans. The absence of spectators in the stadiums is very worrying. Twelve of the 18 Primeira Liga teams had an average audience of less than 4,000 fans in the 2021-22 season.

Source: SC Braga.

That’s why we also want to focus on the game. Portugal is the 31st League in terms of useful time per match: only 57.09 minutes are played on average.

Best times

According to Braga, bad schedules are one of the main culprits for the “dissolution” in the stands: “42.1% of League matches (129 out of 306) started after 8 p.m. In addition, nearly 25% of matches were scheduled between Monday and Thursday.

Source: SC Braga.

On the issue of schedules, from Braga they advocate following the “Eredivisie model”: “a few hours, but chosen with criteria to encourage public attendance”. They also advocate playing only on Friday and Saturday nights and for Sunday games to end shortly after 6:00 p.m.

set a maximum price

There is another key point for improving stadium attendance: establishing a maximum price to encourage the movement of the visiting public. Braga have promised to do so this season. As Prime Minister, a ceiling of 35 euros was imposed. In Portugal, however, up to 75 are ordered.

High tax burden

Portugal generates talent, but cannot retain it. There are several complaints in this section. It is the Europa League whose balances depend more on the sale of players: almost 80%. In addition, there is a high tax burden in terms of VAT and football player insurance.

And there is hardly any return. Clubs receive just 2.98% of revenue from favorite bets. Women’s football is not promoted either. Braga invests 1.2 million and receives only 70,718 euros from the Federation. he

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