This is how fiber cable and router are supported to improve internet connection

Improving the network connection is possible

Whether a device is well made, rarely used, or lucky, some care should be given to it so that it lasts beyond the time for which it was created. That and that it will work properly and at full capacity until the last day.

It happens from our smartphone, our laptop, the router to improve the Internet connection… and even with the fiber cable that we have at home. Or what amounts to the same? everything we have for our network must be in perfect condition so that we have the best possible application.

However, in most cases the drop in performance occurs because the router is reaching its limits. In other words, the connection comes from a point often far from the areas where it is needed. This is why it is so important to take care of both aspects; both our Ethernet network cable, the fiber cable and the router itself.

Do it with these tips

And yes, indeed; you can improve the performance of your Internet connection for free, without having to pay a single penny, and without having to make a titanic effort, or go through complicated configurations. It suffices to lavish a series of treatments on all the perimeters and which will be very easy to apply.

Thus, in the case of this maintenance, one must ensure that it is done in an accurate manner for both cases, such as these Internet connection devices.

How to take care of the fiber router cable to improve the connection

Keep fiber cables clean

In the case of the first, the fiber cables, special attention must be paid to cleaning them in order to improve our connection, but above all so that it works well. But do you know why it is so important? In short, for the optical networks are reliable and robust.

According to an industry study carried out by a major telecommunications company, contamination is the main cause of problems in optical networks: the fibers are so fragile that if they are covered with dust or other contamination, the optical signal can be damaged. In addition, the metal particles carried by the body and mounts fiber optic connectors will block a fiber causing loss of signal.

Generally, fiber optic cleaning refers to the clean the connectors connectors How do you make sure you clean the fiber connectors properly? There are two main cleaning methods: dry cleaning and wet cleaning, each performing different functions. Cassette type fiber cleaners, pen type cleaners, fiber cleaning wipes and foam pads are the most common fiber connector cleaning solutions.

Keep the router away from heat sources

In the case of the router, and as seen with fiber cables, this device must be kept away from heat sources, not only to improve our network connection, but also to be run slowly. Of course, it should be avoided that it is next to a window where it is directly exposed to the sun.

But it must also be kept away from other electrical appliances that can generate heat, stoves, etc. Heat is a great enemy of routers and can hinder their useful life. What is interesting is that it is in a dry place, away from other devices and high temperatures. In this way we will avoid overheating which can also affect the speed of the Internet. This will not only make it work better in the short term, but in the long term it will make it last longer without issue.

Tidy up the cables

Whether a fiber cable is used or not, you should always avoid bending it or stretch it too much. Often when working with fiber optic cables, people stretch or bend them, which can damage the fiber. Some breaks caused by bending may be visible, but some losses may be hidden.

Cable Fiber Network Care Router Improve Connection

These may be microscopic deformations of the fibers caused by very low temperatures, displacement of a few millimeters caused by poor installation practices, pad or cover imperfections, or other factors. Because they are not visible to the naked eye, these leaks will be overlooked and can get worse over time.

Clean the router from time to time so as not to clog it

Like any other device that we have at home, it is normal for the router to accumulate dust and dirt. Simply by keeping it immobile on a piece of furniture, it can accumulate dust which gradually penetrates inside the device. This is logically very negative, as it could affect the circuits and impair their proper functioning.

The best advice in this case is to perform a surface cleaning from time to time. Run a cloth over it to remove dust and prevent it from accumulating. Especially the latter is important. Much like a laptop, for example, dust can accumulate inside and clog the cooling channels.

Avoid adapter problems

In your case, having a damaged Ethernet cable could also mean that it is affecting the Network adapter. Or what amounts to the same? this could prevent it from working properly, jam when trying to remove it and could break pins etc. All this will inevitably affect the quality of the Internet connection.

Therefore, one more reason to take care of our network cables is keep in good working order the network adapter. It is important to apply to both desktop and laptop computers, as Ethernet ports can be exposed in both cases.

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