These images demonstrate the incredible style of Starfield

The realism of Starfield’s technology and settings could be one of the game’s strengths.

These images demonstrate the incredible style of Starfield

There is a lot of speculation about star field after Bethesda announced its development in 2018. However, little was known about this installment at the time, a fact that raised expectations from the development company. And, now, since there are more details about the open world, the reality is that has become one of the most anticipated games for 2023. Although the launch was originally estimated for 2022, other events have delayed it, according to information revealed during the Xbox & Bethesda 2022 showcase.


After showing off footage of this all-new blockbuster 25 years ago, gamers now know what to expect when they get their hands on it, and best of all, they’re wondering what the gameplay of this space RPG will be like. .

While Bethesda has been revealing some of the episode’s biggest details in recent months, such as which factions will be available for Starfield, DNA-based character creation, and which starships players will be able to customize as well. , he also confirmed that he expects an ambitious scope in the game. This translates to hundreds of planets to explore.

On the other hand, while the details themselves are fantastic, Bethesda explained that the game’s aesthetic is based on a “Nasa-punk” style, which will mean big differences from other titles in its genre. And that’s no surprise given how many years have passed since the other original installments.

In that case, there are other games that attempted to create a similar atmosphere to Starfield, such as Alien: Isolation, which – inspired by the 1979 film – featured a gritty aesthetic that gobbled up objects and ships. Another key example is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which sticks to the purest sci-fi style. However, Starfield seems to not only be returning to those features that it has in common with the installments, but also improving its graphics to an impressive level.


This will be the design of Starfield

So, expectations for Starfield have risen dramatically for good reason. In fact, the level of interest that the public has towards the title is visible. Part of the excitement of this episode, however, is that Bethesda is sharing more and more interesting details that have fans wondering about the implications of the game. These updates include videos, a few screenshots , behind-the-scenes work and gameplay preview.


Judging from the content we’ve seen on Starfield, the game is quite realistic and it looks like the experience there will be as immersive as possible. In fact, the interactions also feature a degree of complexity in terms of complex facial animations and various dialogue systems. Of course, the latter confirms that Bethesda is redoubling its efforts to create an immersive role-playing game.

In addition, the narrative will be one of the most complete elements, according to Bethesda, since Starfield claims to be a reflection of humanity in space and what that interplanetary reality would look like. In other words, it creates a whole new universe, and building that world from the ground up is an exciting opportunity to inject a specific point of view into every aspect of the game’s human experiences and attempts to carve out space for itself. in a complicated environment.

However, the Nasa-Punk design perfectly describes this technological environment what will it focus on; although, of course, it will have its own irreverent touch of society. Between the realistic elements of the game and the adaptability to which society will be subjected to the possibility of traveling between planets and the respective problems that this will cause to humanity, it should be noted that this implies a great challenge for the player.

The Nasa-Punk aesthetic is likely to play a big role in the plot. And that makes sense, given the care we can see in the trailer and other details. But the concepts that Starfield is trying to achieve with a space company trying to survive on the fringes of certain alien creatures and having to develop their own technology are a great opportunity to add layers and nuances to both the characters and their stories.

Here is the official Starfield trailer:

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