The purchase of vehicles, energy and banking, the topics most consulted and requested by FACUA

The purchase of vehicles (33.6%), electricity (13.4%) and banking (12.8%) are the most reported problems in FAUA during the first half of 2022. 6,671 claims files were opened on behalf of its partners, i.e. 20.4% more than in the first half of the previous year. From the association “they criticize the lack of irresponsible action of the competent authorities in the area of ​​consumer protection at national and regional level in the face of the very serious fraud that has taken place in recent years, which makes it necessary to continue massive fraud, ” according to a statement from FACUA.

Compensation and indemnities: these are the rights available to passengers if they cancel their flights

Compensation and indemnities: these are the rights available to passengers if they cancel their flights

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They urge the Ministry of Consumer Affairs publish alerts on this type of practice after having received dozens of complaints and that the regional consumer authorities, which have powers of sanction, “continue without issuing fines or doing so in an anecdotal manner, with the sole exception of Balearic Islands, which have distinguished themselves in recent years for having undertaken and made public regular sanction actions in response to the complaints filed by FACUA”.

“The association criticizes the passivity of the competent administrations for having favored a multitude of companies to evade legal obligations, violating the rights of consumers, because they do not receive strong responses to their abuses through coercive fines.”

Lower the bench and raise the vehicles

The purchase and repair of vehicles ranked first in claims to FACUA, dropping the “traditional winner”, the bank, to third place. Due to the FACUA campaign to help consumers claim thousands of euros overcharged when buying their vehicles between 2006 and 2013 following the agreement of more than twenty manufacturers sanctioned by the National Commission Markets and Competition (CNMC). The association allowed a the Web so that drivers can join their platform of people affected by this fraud and claim their money in court.

In second place is energy, which is also generally among the top positions, with 13.4%. FACUA recalls that the gas companies and, above all, the electricity companies, have provoked numerous complaints due to the existence of irregularities in the receipts, the invention that consumers manipulate their meters in an attempt to collect fines of hundreds or thousands of euros and price increases contrary to the law.

The bank, with 12.8% of files opened in the first half, ranks third. The main reasons for claims continue to be: refusal to reimburse illegally charged mortgage formalization fees; the application of usurious interest to loans, mainly through renewable cards, and the irregular collection of commissions. FACUA reports that over the past year complaints have increased due to difficulties consumers have had in getting banks to reimburse fraudulent charges on their cards and current accounts, mainly due to the theft of given by third parties.

The telecommunications sector moves from second place in the first quarter of 2021 to fourth place in the first half of 2022, accounting for 10.7% of user complaints. Complaints have been initiated mainly due to non-fulfilment of offers and consumer registration fraud have been the main reasons for this, as well as fraudulent rate increases, billing for unsolicited services and abuses by telecoms when Users attempt to unsubscribe, ranging from continuing to charge accuses you of illegally applying penalties.

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