The Oralmedic clinic offers treatments to improve oral health and aesthetics

Seeking professional dental treatment is a need that arises at different times in life, as dental health needs to be taken care of from the growth cycle and are maintained throughout adulthood. With the idea of ​​offering a complete service, the dental clinic Girona, Oralmedicoffers a wide range of treatments, focused on improving oral health and aesthetics.

Professional Procedures at Oralmedic Dental Clinic

The care of the teeth is one of the most important aspects not only for the physical appearance, but also for the well-being of the person. For this reason, dental care helps prevent serious problems that, over time, lead to damage to the gums or teeth, and can even lead to the loss of them. In this sense, Oralmedic works with specialized dentists in different fields, to offer specific solutions to each patient.

At Oralmedic they focus on the development of comprehensive dental work which is responsible for the procedures of control, revision and correction of all pathologies of the mouth, maintaining oral health. One of the most sought-after specialties is periodontics, which treats gum problems and all the tissues that are responsible for supporting the dental piece. For this purpose, plaque and tartar, which cause gingivitis, are removed. When left untreated, it can progress to a more serious stage, periodontitis, which gradually destroys dental tissues, leading to their loss.

Dental implants are a safe alternative to tooth loss, which can replace one or more parts. At Oralmedic, they work with the latest technology in growth factor rich plasma to minimize discomfort and inflammation that may be caused by the post-operative period.

Correct dental malpositions with orthodontics

From growth to adulthood, the dental structure may present malformations that affect the functioning of the teeth, which is why the dental clinic uses different professional orthodontic methods with which the bad position of the teeth is solved, resulting in a functional and pleasant smile.

To know everything that the clinic offers, Oralmedic has a website where you can request a direct appointment, as well as immerse yourself in the approach to its treatments.

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