The most original ice cream parlors in Madrid

Going outside in summer can be a disaster for those who are less tolerant of the heat of July and August, with waves of high temperatures that exceed 40º and even in the shade they are not spared. Fortunately, there will always be those wonderful ice cream parlors that surround every corner of Madrid and, for those who want to have fun in the best way, there are the most original options:

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There’s no better way to start this list: an ice cream parlor that becomes an entire underwater space with ice cream that fills a waffle cone. The artisan taiyaki, traditional in Japan, is nothing more or less than a fish-shaped waffle topped with sweets and ice cream. They were swam to Malasaña and other downtown locations by brothers Luis and Miguel Aliff, who located him on the streets of New York.

They use ice cream dispensers made with a very creamy and less cold candy, to choose between chocolate, vanilla and various flavors, such as delicious matcha tea and yogurt cream. And in addition to the small fish, of course, it’s delicious toppings.

  • Where: La Pecera (C/ Velarde 2, C/ De Bailén 13, Fuencarral 43, C/ Cádiz 10, Avenida Del Manzanares 210, Paseo De La Florida 2)
  • How much: Taiyaki at €3.50 (with toppings, €4.50); pots and cones from €2.50 to €3.50
  • The best: Fish. Although the flavor of the ice cream is quite successful, the best comes when you finish it: the taiyaki dough is firm but chewy and the final bite is much more pleasant than the typical cone
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In the case of gourmands, those who love this dessert of rolls filled with cream or chocolate, have this gastronomic option that goes from Sicily to Madrid. Juan and Rossana, a Madrilenian and a Sicilian, prepare this delicious Italian tradition with ice cream filled treats made with organic farm milk and more natural ingredients. An artisan ice cream parlor, with traditional recipes that also reserve vegan, lactose-free and celiac options.

  • Where: Zuccaru (W/ Vergara 16, W/ Palafox, 20)
  • How much: from €1.7
  • The best: the ice cream wrapper, as if it were a sweet pastry topping
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the henhouse

For tastes, colors. And, although it provokes a certain disdain, it is one of the most original ice creams: this local provocateur from Chueca attracts his clientele by selling his waffles in the form of the aforementioned genital organ through his “pollolos”, lollipops phallic silhouette ice creams that appeal to any group of friends and, of course, bachelorette parties. It has two options: fruit popsicles and more creamy ones, drenched in chocolate and vanilla toppings.

  • Where: The Polleria (Calle Gravina, 3). Metro: Chueca
  • How much: a chicken for €4.30
  • The best: the phallic form, even if the taste is not left out either
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Who hasn’t imagined working in an area of ​​operations like the Dexter’s Laboratory series? Here’s the idea: head to N2LAB, where the main ingredient in its ice cream is liquid nitrogen, maintained at 196 degrees below zero. And that’s because it has an amazing property: it brings more smoothness to the ice cream. It’s worth seeing how a “scientist” (the ice cream man with the lab coat and goggles, by the way) experiments with the ingredients and the mixer and flavors his creations with nitrogen.

  • Where: N2LAB (C/ Gravina, 5). Metro: Chueca
  • How much: from €3.9
  • The best: ice and place nitrogen, fully decorated
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iced brando

It’s always good to know about popsicle options, as there are those who prefer them over any traditional cone-shaped ice cream and popsicle. And this glacier, in particular, hasn’t been around for long: it appeared in June 2021 in the middle of Chueca, with its distinctive blue color. There are also bins and the like, but the focus is stolen by these different flavored popsicles; oreo, berries, mint chocolate…

  • Where: Brando (C. de Hortaleza, 55). Metro: Chueca
  • How much: from 2€
  • The best: the variety of popsicles of different flavors and toppings

Madrid ice wave

Already refreshing for several years at the gates of Madrid, this franchise stands out for its method of creation of Thai origin, which its founders learned during their travels in this same country. This is how his ice cream was born, created with an icy plate, various ingredients and scraped material in the form of several churros, which swirl around inside the pot.

  • Where: Oslo Street, 53 (Alcorcón)
  • How much: from €2.95
  • The best: the Thai creation of its ice cream
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to like

An Italian ice cream parlor whose operations center is located in Paris and which has expanded its horizons to the rest of Europe. With an ice cream menu that changes according to the season of the year, it stands out for the presentation of the flower-shaped ice cream on the cone. For the romantics who want to give roses as a gift, here you will find a good and delicious alternative, with an organic and vegan section included among the flavors.

  • Where: Amorino (1 Canalejas Pl., Gourmet Experience, 9th Pl., Major 40, C. of Posts, 3)
  • How much: from 3€
  • The best: combine a classic ice cream with an original flower shape on the cone
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