The Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival, which started this Friday at the Wanda, has been definitively canceled

The Madrid Pure Reggaeton Festival which began this Friday, July 15 at Wanda Metropolitano is finally canceled after the meeting you held this morning the administration and the organizing company.

The regional government has opted to suspend the event, which started this afternoon, ensuring that the security plan presented by the organizers corresponds to the Caja Mágica, where it was to be held initially, and not at the Wanda Metropolitano.

The company itself announced the cancellation around 1:15 p.m. this Friday via its social networks and announces that it will open a channel for those who have purchased their ticket to request a refund.

“The organization’s commitment to all participants is unwavering, so in the next few days we will open the return period and give you all the information to do so.”

On Thursday, the organization announced that the Community of Madrid had not authorized the celebration of the event, alleging that does not meet the necessary security conditions. However, the promoters had hoped to be able to correct it during the meeting this Friday which finally led to the definitive suspension of the event.

The same sources indicated on Thursday that there is a previous negative report from the Municipal Police of Madrid City Hall in which it neither authorizes nor advises the celebration of the festival according to the security plans presented by the organization of the event –which are binding– and they also demanded it “Out of time”.

Daddy Yankee adds Madrid Puro Reggaeton to his farewell tour

Madrid City Hall issued its unfavorable report this Thursday, as soon as possible by the administrations. The organization submitted the security plan very late, the minimum duration is one month and the report was resolved as soon as possible.

“Therefore, it is not held because it does not meet the necessary security conditions because the Wanda is not a multipurpose space,” they added.

the party that It was to start this Friday July 15 until Saturday July 16.was to be held at the Caja Mágica in Madrid but, in the end, for production reasons alleged by the organizers, it was transferred to the Wanda Metropolitano.

The Latin party had on its poster Daddy Yankee as a visible conductor and many confirmed artists such as Natti Natasha, Gente de Zona, Juan Magán, Ñengo Flow, Eladio Carrión or Bad Gyal, among others.

For its part, the organizing company received with “surprise, amazement and helplessness” the announcement of the Collectivity not to authorize the festival “with Daddy Yankee’s historic farewell and 35,000 people waiting”.

The Madrid Puro Reggaeton Festival moves from the Caja Mágica to the Metropolitano

In this sense, he defended himself that a complete safety and emergency plan had been presented and that if the deadlines had been exceeded by the promoter, it was because of the bureaucracy required by the Administration. “The administration requested more and more documentation and the festival team needed time to satisfy these requests,” the statement said.

They also criticized the the announcement comes “by surprise” 24 hours after the doors open and with the decor staged, the sound equipment installed and the staff finalizing the preparations. “There are more than 100 accredited national and international journalists,” laments the organization.

The Community reinforces metro line 7 for the celebration of the Madrid Puro Reggaeton festival

In this sense, the organizing company has assured that it cannot understand or accept that the announcement to prevent the celebration of the festival is due to “technical problems” since the Wanda Metropolitano is a space that regularly hosts sporting events and music with a higher volume. help.

“We have no doubt that there is a clear lack of will within the regional administration for this event to take place,” the company stressed. Thus, he summoned the Community of Madrid to reconsider your decision.

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