The best wallets, purses and wallets with AirTags: buying guide

There are countless products compatible with small AirTag devices from Apple, which are ideal for locating wallets and purses.

The best wallets, purses and wallets with AirTags: buying guide

The bone Air beacons from Apple offer great versatility. They can be used in a wide variety of products such as children’s bracelets, dog collars, key chains, smartphone caseswallets, purses and an infinity etc.

Although it is a product that, in principle, could be unstable and unstable after a few days of use, in reality AirTags are so valuable that they are even capable of saving lives.

If you plan to use AirTags to locate your most personal belongings, we recommend purchasing an AirTag-enabled wallet, purse, or purse. It’s a phenomenal option to prevent theft or loss, not just for your money (which is also) but because that’s where we keep high-value cards such as the Social Security (SIP) card or the national identity document (DNI), among others. And creating new cards is a very time-consuming and tedious bureaucratic process!

The best accessories for Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags and all their features

The Bitten Apple Logo Society added AirTags to its catalog of electronic devices at the end of April 2021. Since then, the small Apple product has gained popularity and, with it, much more versatility of use. The company has seen with satisfaction how AirTags have created their own new market opportunities by being compatible with a wide range of products.

If you are unfamiliar with AirTags, before we start with our selection of handbags, wallets and purses for AirTags, we will briefly explain why is itthe characteristics of this product and what are or can be its main uses.

The Apple AirTags are a very small circular device – with a diameter of only 32 millimeters and a thickness of 8 millimeters – which has Bluetooth connectivity for its main use, which is a local location service. In other words, it is a device that attaches to any object (cases, key rings, wallets…) to be able to locate it at any time from the Search application an iPhone, an iPad or another device in the Apple ecosystem.

Air beacons

In fact, today AirTags have already helped catch more than one thief trying to steal a wallet which had a built-in AirTag. Legitimate owners of wallets, purses and purses can locate the position of their belongings at any time within seconds and then provide the necessary data to the police.

Among its main features and technical specifications, the AirTags have resistance to splashes, water and dust with certification IP67 at a maximum depth of 1 meter; an accelerometer sensor, an integrated speaker, a U1 chip for ultra-wideband connection and technology NFC.

There are an immense number of products compatible with the signature bitten apple logo AirTags. Here is a list of the most popular devices to track with AirTags:

  • Keychains
  • AirPods case
  • remote control for tv
  • Cover for iPhone
  • dog collar
  • child wristband
  • Handbags, purses and wallets
  • Bike racks
AirTags are incredibly compact compared to rivals from Samsung or Tile

Buying guide: AirTag compatible wallets, purses and wallets

We take a quick look through the Amazon product catalog to create a selection of the best wallets, purses, and wallets compatible with Apple AirTags. It should be noted that they do not come with an integrated AirTag device, in most cases, but are sold separately.

Cartera I-CLIP Radio Impact

We are launching our selection of AirTags compatible wallets and purses with the I-CLIP branded Radio Impact Wallet. a portfolio of leather laser cut and designed specifically for Apple AirTags.

It has structured access to banknotes, very simple card selection and it is ultralight and with maximum flexibility. A very professional wallet and purse for any tech lover. It is available in navy blue, silver, gold, red, gray and black colors.

I-CLIP Radio Impact

Billetera Doeboe

The Doeboe brand portfolio has a small hole in the front with a holder to insert the AirTags. It is available in black and brown, but the black version is more recommended because it hides the appearance of the AirTag very well, making it look like a design element of the wallet itself.

It is made of genuine leather, with a classic trifold design and high craft value. The wallet has several slots for bills and cards, as well as a small buttoned pocket for coins.

Billetera Doeboe

Spigen S Wallet Wallet

This wallet is made by Spigen, one of the most popular and prestigious brands in the world of accessories for electronic devices. It is therefore a more than reliable option for any AirTag user.

He looks very technological and futuristic, and is available in the colors “Gunmetal”, metal and black. It offers excellent protection for all your personal belongings, it has an elastic nylon strap with padding and compartments for a total of 12 cards.

Spigen S Wallet Wallet

Lois handbag

This women’s handbag with a embroidery design and mandala patterns It does not have a hole to insert AirTags, but it has many compartments where users can store Apple’s small locator.

made with leather, on the outside it has a bronze inlaid logo with mandala embroidery. Flap and button closure. Inside there is a compartment made with a nylon lining. Also, it comes in a wide variety of models with all kinds of eye-catching designs.

Lois handbagLatest AirTag Update Makes It Easier to Find Them When They Try to Spy on Us

Here ends our personal compilation of wallets, purses and wallets for men and women featuring compartments, holes and holders for AirTags. bitten apple logo signature. There are options for all tastes and available in a wide variety of designs. Now it’s up to you to choose your favourite!

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