The Alien video game that had everything to succeed and ended up being one of the biggest failures in history

Aliens are unlucky in video games. Being Aliens Colonial Marines the biggest failure in the history of the Among Us cinematic saga, we review what exactly happened. What did the game from the creators of Borderlands and Sega fail to do? We go over the keys behind the project and what could have been and wasn’t.

Alien Colonial Marines is the story of one of the most tragic catastrophes experienced in modern video gaming. The comings and goings of Gearboxthe disastrous management of Sega there Fox and the launch of a by-product that despaired strangers to the saga created by Ridley Scott in general and dashed the hopes of lovers of Cameron’s opus in particular. Xenomorphs, one of the most terrifying creatures in cinema, have become a real joke worthy of little in the form of a dodgy action game. What exactly happened? How, having everything to succeed, did the Aliens Colonial Marines fail so painfully?

The origin of the project dates back to the days of PlayStation 2. The production was carried out by Check Six Games and electronic arts. It was introduced in May 2001, was taken to E3 and presented in a beta version that ultimately did not please those interested. Its cancellation came in October 2002, news that left the concept abandoned for a decade. The original idea was based on three different acts, with one in Sulaco itself and a final episode in Xeno Prime, the planet of the aliens. None of the ingredients of Project Check Six were used for the title that the creators of Borderlands, but the juiciness of the name and license was obvious. Gearbox showed a first demo of Aliens that everyone was hooked on. Because, really, there’s nothing easier than making an Alien video game, right? Seeing the results of the saga throughout history, it may not be so; Great titles featuring xenomorphs can hardly be counted on the fingers of one hand. How can an old concept like the video game itself be so cursed? In the case of Aliens Colonial Marines, the answer is more than simple: a worse title couldn’t be done and its magnificent universe couldn’t be wasted on so much art.

Technologically embarrassing, insulting playable alone or in company and with a shameful story who dared to delve into the events between Aliens and Alien 3 in a crude and unworthy way, the development was marked by controversy, with statement crosses between Gearbox and SegaWhat they ended up in court. The chapter was resolved with everything that had to do with the game forgotten, remaining as an unfortunate anecdote that satisfied no oneleaving the mark in check and in a terrible state of health.
The fate of Alien was left in the hands of a company outside the FPS as creative assemblycreators of the total war sagawho pulled out of the hat a success in the category of Alien Isolationa kind of Survival Horror in which Ripley’s daughter herself had to escape the galactic threat in a large ship in which everything seemed ready to kill her. The brand has been completely revitalizedgamers greeted the proposal enthusiastically, and Sega finally scored a hit in its locker with Fox.

However, it escapes no one that Isolation It’s more of an Alien: The 8th Passenger video game than Aliens: The Return. Alien Colonial Marines had everything to succeed: an iconic creature, recognizable characters and an adventure in which there was no room for misunderstanding. This has been demonstrated by the dozens of novels and comics that have dealt with the universe of xenomorphs without going into the eleven-yard shirt: some marines investigate a suspicious event, they are involved in a Weyland-Yutani plot and survive .

Aliens Colonial Marines: The Alien video game that had everything to succeed and ended up being one of the biggest failures in history

Gearbox wanted to chew more than he could swallowGearbox wanted to chew more than he could swallow and believed in the power of be above the creators of Alien 2 and Alien 3 rewriting the history of the two in a vulgar way, adding disturbing new xenomorphs that added nothing to the franchise’s gameplay and universe. With aliens, facehuggers and queens there are plenty, something he fully understood Rebellion in his famous Aliens VS. PC Predator, the mirror in which everyone should look when creating a new alien adventure in the future.

Is there a possibility of returning to the Aliens universe sooner rather than later? We’re still hungover Alien: Fireteam Elite, but it’s also a very different game from a more cinematic or more traditional adventure, which is what we wanted with Aliens Colonial Marines. The situation of the saga would have been very different if the game had worked as expected, but no luck. The idea is cursed and it will take a lot of talent and a beautiful presentation that spreads optimism and makes us forget so much mediocrity. As the late Bill Paxton said, “game over man, game over”.

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