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Since Ikea set foot in the market has always tried to stand out for being one of the cheapest stores to get furniture, household items there decorative objects the best price. Without skimping on quality, the company that succeeds in Jerez de la Frontera and all Spainoffers in its catalog a series of furniture including this chest of drawers with Barra NORDMELA which will soon run out.

Having our clothes organized and close at hand is something as essential as having a nice sofa to relax on. In fact, from furniture Everything depends on the beauty and practicality of our home, so we should not skimp on expenses when it comes to betting on furniture that is really worth it.

Ikea NORDMELA chest of drawers with bar
Ikea NORDMELA chest of drawers with bar

However, in Ikea always make things easier with affordable prices and among which these days highlights a dresser with bar that you won’t want to let go to have your clothes organized and in little space.

In case you want a new chest of drawers in your bedroom, Ikea has what you need to put an end to the mess in the bedroomand that in addition, it could also be used to place at the entrance of the house.

Ikea NORDMELA chest of drawers with bar

East chest of drawers with bar and drawers for Ikea clothes It is perfect for storing folded and hanging clothes without taking up too much space. In addition, due to the fact that it is not excessively large, it can be placed both in the bedroom and in the entrance to the house.

To make your home a safe space for the whole family, this dresser includes a safety equipment to prevent it from being opened to the little ones. Of course, this does not mean that the drawers are easy to open and close thanks to the built-in stops.

You must not forget put it on furniture on the wall to avoid unpleasant surprises. Different wall types require different material, so use the right material for your walls by consulting the Ikea professionals.

In the drawer they can hold up to 10 pairs of folded pants there 20 t-shirtswhile at the bar there is room for 10 t-shirts on hangers.

Ikea NORDMELA chest of drawers with bar
Ikea NORDMELA chest of drawers with bar


  • Width: 119cm
  • Bottom: 44cm
  • Height: 118cm
  • Drawer width (int): 74 cm
  • Drawer depth (int): 34 cm

In Jerez de la Frontera

Before going to see its price, you should know that Ikea offers delivery to your address in Jerez de la Fronteraor anywhere in Spain in 48 working hours from 4 euros.

In this case, it will be the most comfortable option, since we will be able to take advantage of the best quality dressers to put in the bedroom or the entrance without lifting a finger on your purchase and receiving it at the door of the house.

In addition, there is the possibility of going to Ikea physical storesbut it will depend on the level of “stock” they have of the product in the store where we go.

Price of an Ikea chest of drawers

In case you are comfortable with barra NORDMELA from Ikea have all the features you need to place in a small space in your bedroom or entrance, in the Swedish store we can find it at an exclusive price.

Ikea NORDMELA chest of drawers with bar
Ikea NORDMELA chest of drawers with bar

This chest of drawers is available on the official Ikea website. However, we can also go to a store Ikea to ask if it is in stock or we can do this by calling the toll free number 900 400 922 and Ikea will help you with your purchase.

So that Ikea NORDMELA chest of drawers with rail is available at the price of 199 euros on the official website of the Swedish company.

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