Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI 200 CV Style 4×4: versatile to say the least

Among the best sellers SUV, the Skoda Kodiak is not included in the sub-segment which the more successful it is. And it is that it belongs to large SUV that touch a length of five meters, when the best sellers are SUVs compact just over four.

Yet this first from Tarraco Headquarters, stands out for its Excellent value, combined with a versatile commendable, full equipment and a extraordinary habitability on board and, as in the case of the test unit, with seating for seven occupants.

Introduced in 2016, it’s the first generation upgrade, because it mainly presents aesthetic and shallow changes. In any case, the most striking are the headlights and pilot lights, which, following the current automotive trend, have been shrunken and stylized.

In this restyling, almost the highlight are the new, narrower and more sloping headlights and pilots.

Simple but very spacious interior

best of Kodiak is undoubtedly your habitability. He is restyling incorporates new moldings or a different steering wheel design. But most striking is what was said: amplitude in all its seats. Moreover, they now even have the function of massage optional.

This finish is Style con L&K package, what with this engine there are no additional costs and which includes elements such as virtual cockpit, heater in the front seats and lane departure warning. As standard, the Kodiaq has LED lights, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, electric tailgate oh Navigator.

This, as well as these individual second-row seats and longitudinal sliders 17 centimeters, where there are no space problems in any dimension, install a car very comfortable for traveling. that yes, the third row (1,270 euros added) It is only valid for children and its access is a bit complicated due to the limited space left when the second row seats are folded down and the height of the passenger compartment from the ground.

Access to the third row is not easy and it is better that the children adapt to it.

All this equipment, the space on board and the comfort of its occupants have a price, which in this case is 51,620 euros.

In progress

As one can easily imagine, an SUV of this size, with a length of 4.70 meters and weighing more than 1,800 kilograms, It is not very comfortable in winding areas.

Before discussing the behavior of Skoda, under the hood there is a real exception to the trend of electrification, and that’s what 2.0 TDI carries no electrical support, so on your windshield shines the DGT C label. Of course, with a power of 200 hp (it is the most powerful diesel in the range, in gasoline it reaches 245 CV) and 400 Nm of torque, it has enough strength to move its almost two tons well, or something more if loaded with the family and their luggage.

And it is that his thing is long highway or highway trips, at moderate speed and enjoying the trip thanks also to cushioning designed for this: isolating the occupants as much as possible from the broken asphalt and less from the turns or sudden changes of direction in which the ups and downs can turn that pleasure into occasional dizziness. Its weight and its high center of gravity somewhat condition its movements and, obviously, bring out its inertia if the pace is increased.

This L&K version features the Virtual Cockpit behind the wheel as standard.

Although for the seven-speed DSG automatic transmission and its responsiveness There would be no problem circulating on this type of more demanding track, since its speed and its adequacy in the transitions would allow it without problem, especially if it is placed on the manners.

As on winding roads, the customer of this type of SUV is not one of those who will go off-road with it and for this reason here is the 4×4 traction It’s more of a security feature. slippery conditions of the surface where it is stepped on. In this case, and with this version of its 2.0 engine, this traction is inseparable from the whole. If it was the 150 hp version, it is optional, for 3,500 euros more.

This little over 51,000 euros may seem like a lot, but if you analyze all it offers In return, the relationship is unbeatable. and to one big family it will look a lot more like it.

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