Rosalía cuts her natural hair in full live after a failure

  • During her concert in Granada, Rosalía took a pair of scissors and sat on a barber chair where she cut the extensions she wore

  • The singer did not calculate well and also cut her natural hair in front of all her followers

  • “I have one side shorter than the other, I really cut it,” Rosalía herself explained

Without a doubt, Rosalía is one of the artists of the moment. All the songs and all the albums he publishes are a worldwide success. Thanks to her latest album, the Catalan is on tour in Spain with ‘Motomami World Tour’ running. Almería was the first city to enjoy the premiere of this tour with which the performer will travel around the world. Later, other Spanish cities like Seville, Granada and Fuengirola followed. It is precisely in Granada that Rosalía starred in a fun moment in one of his stage performances.

Rosalía’s hair failure in full live

Dressed in a white dress, high blue boots and two long braids styled with extensions, the singer moved all her followers from Granada. Just at one of the moments of the concert, Rosalía took a pair of scissors and sat down in a styling chair that appeared on stage. Between song and song and while the camera was shining on her, the singer did not hesitate and both extensions have been cut which she had braided in her hair.

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However, due to live failures, the ‘Say my name’ singer cut a little more than necessary. None of her subscribers noticed it except for the fact that she herself confessed to the hairdressing mistake she had made with humor.

“I just cut my hair for real,” the artist told all onlookers as she untangled the hair that was still attached after cutting the braids. With a smile, Rosalía touched her hair and made sure of her mistake: “I have one side shorter than the other, i really cut it“.

Seeing that at that time the haircut had no solution, the singer played down the matter by sitting down at the piano to perform her song ‘HENTAI’. “Well, look… I did the tricks. One less hair day“.

Right after, Rosalía played the first chords of her controversial song and the audience shouted enthusiastically, thus forgetting the capillary error of Barcelona.

Rosalia’s tour around the world

After that scare, Rosalía routinely controlled the stage, which she shared with eight dancers, some worthy of competing in the Olympics. Before touring other Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, in addition to several countries on both sides of the Atlantic until the end of next December in Paris, the artist left his audience in Granada. mouth open for his concert.

The conclusion is that Rosalia Hookshas a loyal following even though he has hair issues, dances to whatever they throw at him, controls the stage like it’s the patio of his house, and displays a naturalness mixed with sophistication that attracts all kinds of onlookers and of followers.

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