Ricky Martin, accused of sexual abuse and violence by his nephew

Ricky Mart stars on the covers of half the world. This time not for a new stage in his career, but for a serious accusation it could kill her completely. His nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez accused the singer of being victim of sexual abuse and domestic violence during seven months in which the two maintained a incest relationship. A complaint that could lead the Puerto Rican artist to seize jail and face a sentence of up to 50 years because of the drastic legal consequences that exist for incest in Puerto Rico.

Ricky Martin’s nephew accuses him of sexual abuse

weeks ago the singer received an injunction for domestic violence. At that time, the identity of the person was not revealed, but today it is known that it is his nephew. According to the portal Just Jared, Dennis Yadiel and Ricky Martin reportedly had an affair for seven months. However, Dennis decided to end the relationship and according to his statement, the artist started harassing him outside his home after consuming large amounts of alcohol and drugs. And that’s where the abuse allegedly started.

After suffering this situation, Ricky Martin’s nephew decided to impose a restraining order on him. If the alleged romance between the two is confirmed, the artist faces up to 50 years in prison for incest, that is, for having had sexual relations with relatives. This is stipulated in article 131 of the Penal Code of Porto Rico“Persons who will have a family relationship, by ascending or descending, by consanguinity, adoption or marriage, or collateral by consanguinity or adoption, shall be punished by imprisonment for a fixed term of fifty (50) years, until third degree, or to share or have physical custody or parental authority and who deliberately, knowingly or recklessly engage in a sexual act.”

Ricky Martín is denounced for domestic violence: the identity of the complainant is not known – Watch now

There is a lot of voices raised in favor of Ricky Martin. The first to do so, brother of the artist, Eric Martinwho assures that Dennis suffers from “mental problems”, so he could be lying, although this situation has not been confirmed so far. In addition, the young man has a harassment complaint against him.

Reply from Ricky Martin’s lawyer

Ricky Martin and his nephew will face off in a lawsuit In Puerto Rico. The first hearing will take place Thursday July 21. The singer’s lawyer has already launched the defense of the artist and responded to the charges the Dennis, calling them “fake and disgusting”, citing his nephew’s alleged mental health issues: “Ricky Martin, of course, has never been and never will be involved in any sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew,” he says. “We all hope that this man receives the help he needs and that this terrible case is dismissed as soon as a judge considers the facts”, they say from the American portal Just Jared.

The artist also wanted to express himself through a official announcement in their social networks completely denying the accusations. He wrote it in English and Spanish and he says: “The protective order filed against me is based on totally false allegations, so I will face the process with the responsibility that characterizes me.” In addition, Ricky Martin claims not to be able to say anything because it is an ongoing legal case and thank you for the messages of support you have received of his fans: “I appreciate the countless demonstrations of solidarity and I receive them with all my heart”, he loose on Twitter.

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