Reinier, on the exit ramp

The real Madrid there Reinier intensify the movements so that the young Brazilian complete your exit mission this very weekend. The intention is that the striker will not be part of the white United States tour, which will start on Tuesday and last until July 31. As AS learned, Valladolid and Turin are two of the main options what’s on the table right now.

Madrid prefer a closed environment for Reinier (20) which in theory benefits the chances of Pucelano’s side. This is the reason why I liked the possibility offered by the Benficawhich was spoiled because the Lisbon club staged the possibility of a future transfer (at a low price) and in Chamartín we only think of the transfer, at least for now. Contrary to KuboThis is one step away from being sold to Real Sociedad, Madrid assume that it’s currently impossible to recoup the €30m the Brazilian cost via a sale. The benfiquista showcase was attractive, but not giving the last word on Reinier’s future. Valladolid would not put obstacles in this direction.

In any case, Madrid didn’t want to rush Reinier’s next move after the boy spent two years virtually ostracized at Borussia Dortmund. The footballer’s environment mobilized in January to analyze the possible termination of the transfer and that the midfielder would play at least the last six months of competition in a Spanish team, but in Dortmund they refused. During this time Vinicius’ community passport hasn’t arrived either which could have been an escape for a Reinier who wants a solution as soon as possible. Ancelotti would like him too, who prefers to take only the definitive team he is going to have on the other side of the ocean, plus a youth team like Antonio Blanco.

Ronaldo’s call

The road to Valladolid began to take shape when the entity chaired by Ronaldo was promoted to the first division and the Brazilian called first to inquire about the situation of his compatriot, who interested him years ago when he was loaned to Dortmund. As Fran Sánchez, sporting director of Pucela, recently confessed, from Zorrilla, they asked for information about another player, although there has been no concrete movement to sign any of them. Nor to Reinier, whose environment seduces the possibility of dressing in blanquivioletabecause they think it would be the protagonist, as several sources confess to this newspaper, although for this a call should be made to activate a possible operation.

Despite Madrid and the player’s rush, it doesn’t seem to be possible as quickly as they would like, since the Real Valladolid I would like to reduce the workforce before I can continue to make transfers. Today, the pucelanos have about ten remaining players, which makes possible arrivals difficult, because these surpluses influence the economic plan. Although there is confidence that Concha Espina could favor the existence of a fit in this section, it would be fine as long as there was certain guarantees that, indeed, Reinier would play, given that they understand, both their close entourage and Real Madrid, that they cannot experience another season as bleak as the previous two. These guarantees did not exist in the past with Andriy Lunin, but it could also suit Ronaldo.

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