Real and Real Madrid will share the rights to Kubo

La Real and Real Madrid have already found the formula for Take Kubo to join the txuri-urdin club. As published Markthe Japanese player will arrive transferred to Anoeta, as the Gipuzkoa entity wanted, but the White House will keep 50% of the rights to the player and have the option of taking him back for the next five years. Real Madrid would thus obtain half of the income from a possible sale. La Real, for its part, will pay a sum which will not exceed five million euros for the footballer.

Once the agreement between the two clubs has already been concluded, Take Kubo will become a Real Sociedad player in the next few hours until 2027, although the Txuri-Urdin club have not yet communicated the player’s incorporation.

As reported NEWS FROM GIPUZKOA since last June, Kubo’s wish was to join the Anoeta team and Real Madrid did not take a dim view of this fate. At the Bernab√©u, however, they didn’t want to part ways with the player completely and preferred him to play on loan. La Real, for their part, insisted on their desire to sign the Japanese. Finally, the two clubs opted for an intermediate formula in which each has half the rights of the footballer. The good relations between the two entities have made it possible to unlock Kubo’s future.

The Japanese player refused to travel to the United States with the white team to land as quickly as possible in Real and He had planned to go to Donostia this weekend, but as this newspaper progressed through yesterday’s edition, a feverish process forced him to change his plans.

Takefusa Kubo, 21, joined the lower categories of Barcelona when he was just 10 years old, but he was forced to return to his country and, in 2019, Real Madrid signed him from Tokyo. Since then, the Japanese player has been loaned to Mallorca, in two stages (2019-20 and 2021-22), Villarreal (2020-21) and Getafe, where he ended up due to lack of opportunities at Castellón. clubs (2020-21). The winger, who can also act as a midfielder, has scored a total of six goals with these teams.

Kubo will be the first Japanese footballer at Real Sociedad, but that’s for sure David Silva He will support him in the team, since the Canarian player’s maternal grandmother was also of Japanese origin.

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