Raquel del Rosario brags about the growth of Leo, her son with autism

  • Former ‘The Dream of Morpheus’ singer proudly shares images of her ‘little teacher’

  • The singer’s eldest son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at the age of five

Rachel del Rosario You can’t believe how fast time flies. The former singer of ‘El Sueño de Morfeo’ today celebrates the birthday of his eldest son, Leowho is eight years old. Through his social networks, the artist boasted of how much your “little one” has grownof which she is completely proud and for whom she feels deep admiration.

“Happy eighth lap around the sun to our little teacher, when we wake up (always before 6am), to the child who works for Pixar even if he doesn’t know it yet, to the best cake decorator on all the planets, to the singer with a thousand little voices. Happy birthday my love, my delicate flower which opens gently on the way to paradise. I love you”, writes the Canarian accompanied by a series of images in which we can see her little “fairy boy”as he is affectionately called at home due to an autocorrect error on his phone.

“Happy birthday my not so boyfriend. You are the one who pushes me to deeply understand the true meaning of love. Thank you for being who you are! Thank you for the blessing you have been to all of us. I love you. love deeply, Leo,” his dad wrote in his respective profile.

Leo was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of five; something that ended up completely conditioning the life of his parents, who, however, they cannot imagine a different life. During that time, they learned to live with “the geniuses of autism”, although they also fell on hard times.

for their parents, raising an autistic child is a new lesson every day. With Raquel del Rosario and her husband Pedo Castro, Leo is his ‘great teacher‘, because it is he who, despite the special needs he requires, is the one who offers the best lessons with his particular way of seeing the world.

“Pedro once asked me something that left me speechless: ‘If today you were told that Leo’s autism could be reversed, would you be ready for him to stop being the child he is now?’ This aroused a lot of emotions in me. Logically, all parents of children with other abilities and needs are concerned about their well-being, their integration into society, the fact that they can be independent in life. future… But… wow… on the other hand, it would be very difficult to fire today’s Lion, all this genius and this mystery, this unique way of perceiving the world, its occurrences, its peculiarities, its unique aspect… Without a doubt, it would be difficult to let go of all this, to accept this death,” he reflected long ago.

Raquel del Rosario has lived in California with her husband since 2012. She has formed a beautiful family there, which she brags about from time to time through her networks. As well as Leo, she is the mother of little Mael, who last October gave the wedding what was probably the biggest scare of their lives after being attacked by a cougar in the garden of his house. Still, for the singer, motherhood was, is, and always will be “the most transformative experience” of her life.

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