Quantic Dream explains to 3DJuegos why it no longer makes exclusive PlayStation games

David Cage reiterates his departure on good terms and his quest for independence.

David Cage, director of Quantic Dream.David Cage, director of Quantic Dream.

3DGames was invited to the offices of quantum dream be part of its 25th anniversary. In addition to visiting and discovering the studio facilities after Heavy rain, Beyond: Dos Almas oh Detroit: Become Humanits patron and founder, David CageHe waited for us for an hour. We had time to talk about the company’s good times, the company’s not so good times and one of the most surprising and recent chapters in its history: the departure of PlayStation Studios. In this regard, Cage showed a very kind face to those who were his partners for more than twelve years.

Heavy Rain, Beyond and Detroit, none of these games would have been possible without PlayStationDavid Cage“The collaboration with PlayStation was wonderful”, he acknowledged, “when we started working with them, we were a very small studio. We talked about when we started working on Heavy Rain, in 2007 And they were incredibly helpful with us, they gave us all the creative freedom we wanted and supported all of our projects for twelve years and it’s been an amazing journey together.” He pointed out that everyone on the team is “so proud of everything what we have accomplished together… Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, and none of these games would have been possible without your support“.

“But at the same time, there is a moment after twelve years of collaboration where we also have desires and concerns to do different things and to work in a different way. We first thought of going with our games in the territory of the cross-platform because I work on PlayStation”. He wanted to explain the current situation: “We thought it would be great to be able to reach more people than users who have a PlayStation. We wanted to explore different types of games and different things, as well as making more than one game at a time, a wish of the team itself actually, who liked what they were doing but thought they could maybe to be making the ton of ideas they had come true.” , something that, it seems, wasn’t possible in PlayStation territory.

We thought it would be great to be able to reach more people than PlayStation users.David Cage“There also comes a time when you’re like, ‘OK, we’ve been working with publishers for 20 years and they take financial risks when they support your project. They put the money on the table and if the game doesn’t win, they lose it. So it’s only fair that they get the bigger piece of the pie, but we got to a point where we thought maybe we also want to invest that money and have all the pie for ourselves.” was agreed with the whole team in mind, since each member of Quantic Dream is, in turn, a shareholder of the company “therefore the success of the study
This benefits all team members.

In 2022, the firm celebrates its 25-year history.In 2022, the firm celebrates its 25-year history.

“It was a joint decision to take more risks and believe in us to achieve a larger portion of the cake. We believe in ourselves to create games that can benefit everyone involved in development. For all these reasons and more, we decided to step out of our comfort zone and put ourselves in danger and take on new challenges.” He clarified that “NetEase joined us and they invested in the company for the new projects and funded them, and we became a publisher, publishing our games, doing all the marketing, communications and creative work; but we also publish games from other studios, which we consider equally important.”

In the next few days we will publish the entire interview accompanied by a special video where we will show you the Quantic Dream studio in Paris.

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