Price trends for popular airline routes in Spain

He has already fired the starting shot one of the most expensive summers to go on vacationjust at a time when everyone wants to take that long-awaited post-pandemic trip.

With the prices of flights, hotels, drinks, food and gasoline through the roof, a season is coming where inflation will be the main protagonist. It’s more, the price of international flights jumped 16% in Juneaccording to the latest INE disaggregated inflation data.

Welcome to the most expensive summer of your life: an explosive cocktail for which you will spend more than ever on food, travel and sleep as the warning signs multiply in the economy

The data from the Kayak travel search engine offered to Business Insider Spain reveal that the average price of flights this summer is 16% higher than in the same period of 2019.

The average summer booking spend on the Rumbo portal it has also increased: while in 2019 it reached 359 euros – and after a slight drop of 4 euros last year –, this summer the average cost is 489 euros.

The most popular destinations and their price evolution from all airports in Spain

Top 10 most searched destinations this summer Average price summer 2022 Change in average price compared to 2019
Palma de Mallorca 93€ -16%
Ibiza 104€ -5%
Santa Cruz de Tenerife 264€ +9%
Paris 209€ +24%
London 182€ +27%
Mahon 108€ -26%
Barcelona 121€ -3%
The palm trees of Gran Canaria 215€ +5%
Rome 220€ +34%
Madrid 141€ +2%

Dates of Kayaking of the búsquedas of sight of ida and sight of tariffa “Economy” realized in the period comprehended between el 23.06.2022 y el 04.07.2022 para vuelos con salida entre el 04.07.2022 y el 23.09.2022 desde cualquier aeropuerto de Spain.

If your choice for this summer is among the most popular destinationsdon’t forget that not only the thefts have increased, but also the lodging.

According to data from Rumbo, The average cost of booking the flight + hotel package has exploded in the Spanish islands compared to 2019.

Mallorca leads with a 94% increase and an average booking cost of 1,455 euros. In the same line of increase is Lanzarote, with a price increase of 92% to 2,070 euros per booking.

Also note the increases in Gran Canaria (+65% and an average cost of 1,740 euros), Menorca (+52% and an average booking price of 1,780 euros) and Tenerife (+24% and an average cost of 1 870 euro). ).

The most popular routes with origin or destination Spain have not gotten much worse

According to the platform, global visitors will pay on average 38% more than last year to travel to Spain, while Spaniards going abroad will pay 25% more than last year.

However, and unlike the rest of the platforms, prices on are still lower than in 2019: 12% less for inbound tourism and 20.2% less for outbound tourism.

Most popular routes this summer 2019 2021 2022
Madrid – Roma 172€ 57€ 119€
Barcelona – Palma de Mallorca 63€ 45€ 47€
Barcelona – Lisbon 131€ 87€ 110€
Barcelona – London 157€ 42€ 111€
Malaga – London 114€ 34€ 85€
London – Malaga 151€ 52€ 112€
One – Barcelona 107€ 82€ 115€
London – Barcelona 164€ 48€ 141€
Vienna – Palma de Mallorca 117€ 79€ 118€
London – Palma de Mallorca 168€ 93€ 115€

Data from for average prices for 2019 and 2021. For 2022, and since summer is not over yet, these are year-to-date average prices.

On average, short-haul journeys to Spain are around 110 euros and medium-haul journeys around 175 euros. Spaniards pay an average of 93 euros this summer for short-distance journeys, while medium-distance journeys are around 152 euros.

Long-haul flights have yet to fully recover; foreign visitors pay an average of 604 euros while Spaniards buy trips to distant destinations for an average of 609 euros.

Mario Gavira, Vice President of Growth at comments, “Before the pandemic, it was easier to explain seasonal trends and pricing based on historical customer data that dictated flight prices and recognized routes with the most traffic and travel time.

“We have noticed this year that searches on our website for ‘anywhere’ have increased, which shows that the desire to travel is more about the adventure of doing it at an affordable price and not necessarily about reaching a specific destinationGavira adds.

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