Pirineos Sur presents its most awaited and massive edition with 5,000 souls delivered to the rumbas of Estopa

All the stars have aligned so that the inauguration of South Pyrenees, the Festival of Cultures, was the perfect night after two years of silence. bearable heata lot of desire to dance and the happiness of reunion with the long-awaited normality combined with the rhythm of the rumba on the edge of the reservoir of Lanuza (Sallent de Gállego) with Tow.

Brothers David and José Muñoz made their premiere on the floating stage in front of an auditorium with a capacity of more than 5,000 people and all sold two months ago. Maruja Limón’s songs, between pop, bossa nova, Cuban sound and bulería, enthused the public, still rare in a gallery that was beginning to fill up over time. the kings of Catalan rumba.

They understood this and started by ‘Your warmth’, a real invitation for the most daring to jump into the water to dance cooler and closer to the singers. followed with ‘Red wine’, also chanted by an audience devoted to the cause of making up for lost time. The intensity has not dropped. Soon they arrived ‘Fire’, ‘Rock and roll t-shirt’ o ‘Hemicranian’. Its success is intergenerational. New and old classics; everything works for them. Estopa reeled off their ‘hits’, which are numerous in more than 20 years of experience, with the rogue sympathy that characterizes them. It was enough to begin the conquest of dawn and wait for dawn.

‘Partiendo la corduroy’, ‘The slit in your skirt’ or ‘The one in the middle of the Chichos’intelligently intertwine a generous ‘setlist’, which assures them that their first concert in the Pyrénées-Sud will remain etched in their memories for a few years.

Tickets for this first day began to sell out a few days after the presentation of the festival, which promotes Provincial Council of Huesca. The program was announced in mid-December and at Christmas it was already impossible to buy a joint ticket for the first concert and the one tonight, the Resident and Raydenwhich also has its full capacity.

to set up the tent

full was also Sallent de Gallego. The camping area, between the pier and the stage, was the most popular with young people this weekend. You had to book a place in advance, but many ventured out yesterday to arrive early and try to get a place to set up the store and, of course, an awning or a parasol to protect yourself from the sun. They say the battle was Homeric and there were those who expressed outrage at having tickets to concerts and not having a piece of land to spend the night.

In addition to bottle of water, refrigerators, bread and sausage To ensure their subsistence yesterday and today, the backpacks of the campers had sweatshirts because, despite the heat wave, “it’s the Pyrenees, and at night… you never know what can happen“.

What happened last night at the festival could be anyone’s guess. The festival, which faces its 29th edition as one of the oldest in Spain, has just started. Until August 6, artists such as La MODA, Viki and The Wild, Rozalén (sold out), Goran Bregovic, Robe Iniesta or Cliclonautas.

For the second night of Pirineos Sur, which will feature hip hop and rap with Residente and Rayden, the full will also be absolute.

Rene Perez Joglar He is from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican rapper, songwriter and producer is best known by his nickname Residente. Additionally, he is the co-founder and singer of the band Calle 13. ‘What goes in a song?’ is the question that David Martinez AlvarezRayden, is at the start of ‘Homónimo’, his sixth studio album which he will sing tonight in Lanuza.

Tomorrow the competition will focus on two groups that make the merger their raison d’être: the Bosnian dubious collective, to Balkan rhythms, hip hop, ska and rock;and Valencia Zoowhich mixes electronics and Mediterranean and Latin rhythms.

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