Pagani says no to electrification: he will bet on the V12

    While most automakers plan to switch to hybrid or all-electric technology over the next decade, Pagani has other plans. Founder Horacio Pagani confirmed in a recent interview with Coach that your bespoke supercar business plans to stick with internal combustion engines after four years of researchclaiming that electric vehicles are too heavy and lack emotion.

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    “The challenge is to create an electric vehicle that offers a good dose of emotion like a normal ICE,” Pagani told the aforementioned outlet in the past Milan Monza. “Pagani is not going to do something that offers good performance, as we can do, but something that offers emotions to the driver.”

    The Italian automaker created a team in 2018 specifically to research electric cars.. Its objective was to study the feasibility of worldwide certification of safety standards and, at the same time, to be able to offer an exclusive Pagani experience. “In four years, we have never found interest in the supercar market [para un EV]. The idea should be to make a light car, but that’s the biggest challenge. The dream would be a 1,300 kilogram EV, but that’s not possible,” says Pagani.

    True to V12

    In its place, Pagani will continue to offer vehicles with Mercedes V12 engines. The former chief engineer of Lamborghini told Autocar that he enjoys working with the German brand: “Mercedes is a big company, but you can still sit in front of certain people who decide, talk to them and be heard”, said- he declared.

    Pagani’s rejection of electrification certainly doesn’t affect its sales. The Q10, a codename for the yet-to-be-revealed set of cars to replace the Huayra, has already sold out, Pagani says. “At the moment, 90% of energy is obtained from non-renewable sources,” Pagani said. “It’s silly to think that only a few supercars [en el mundo] with ICE can have a negative impact on the climate when 90% of the energy is produced incorrectly.”

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