Oregon 2022 World Cup: Yamanishi prolongs Japanese tyranny in the 20 km walk and Álvaro Martín finishes seventh

Lgo, the specialty that has given so many days of glory to Spanish athleticswas unable to release our medal table on the opening day of the Oregon World Championships, which featured the two 20k walk finals.

A few minutes after the disqualification of María Pérezit was the men’s turn, with Alvaro Martin, Diego Garcia Carrera and Alberto Amezcua among the 44 walkers from 23 countries who started on the one-kilometre circuit set up next to the Eugène d’Autzen stadium.

The race was much more tactical than the women’s, although the Japanese Toshikazu Yamanishi, who defended the Doha 2019 crownlaunched a timid opening attack beyond the first kilometer with a four-second advantage, before being neutralized at the fourth kilometer.

Now we are hot but we have to analyze it cold because we have to improve. We are in the ointment but must endure in the last kilometers

lvaro martin

The group, still numerous and compact, passed with 17 units across the equator of the test, with Alberto Amezcua making rubber a position further back, but barely two kilometers later, it had been reduced to a dozen of athletes with Álvaro Martín and Diego García Carrera among the chosen ones.

The Madrilenian endured another kilometer until paying the infernal pace of the head, which at the pass of 14 was only eight units, with Martin beating the copper with the empire of the rising sun.

Kenya already knows how to walk

It was the time of the Japanese Yamanishi attack and Koki Ikedawho was joined by the Kenyan and double African champion Samuel Ireri Gathimbaeager to change the history of a specialty hitherto foreign to the great black continent beyond the bronze of the Tunisian Hatem Goula and Osaka 2007..

Álvaro Martín after completing the test.PALOMA MONREAL/RFEA

Soon after, the Swede joined the party. Perseus Karlstrom, with Álvaro Martín a little further back and saying goodbye to the fight with the medals. And all this in the absence of Italian Massimo Stanogold in Tokyo, which opted for the 35 km.

Yamanishi’s final attack (1:19:07) was so devastating that Ikeda (1:19:14) preferred to keep his clothes on and secure the cash, while Karlstrom – who has a Mexican father and speaks fluently spanish- I ate the Gathimba toast and repeated the 2019 bronze with a time of 1:19:18.

Yamanishi thus becomes the third man to successfully defend the gold medal after the Ecuadorian Jefferson Prezwinner in 2003, 2005 and 2007, and the Italian Maurizio Damilanoin 1987 and 1991, when the periodicity of the World Cup was still four-yearly.

Japan, which until 2015 had not won a single world medal on the march, He already has seven metals between the two distances and is ready to defend the Doha 2019 doublealthough now in the 35 km he walks after the “death” of the 50.

Good news for Munich

Gathimba eventually finished fourth 1:19:25 and was seven seconds away from making history, along with the Ecuadorian Brian Daniel painted (1:19:34) and the Brazilian Caio Bonfim (1:19:51) preceding a Álvaro Martín who suffered in the last part of the test to finish in seventh position with 1:20:19.

ninth was Alberto Amezcua (1:20:44), who went from less to morewhile Diego García Carrera finished sixteenth with 1:23:21. The good news for Munich is that the Spaniards finished second, third and fifth among European walkers in the race.

The 35 km will dictate the sentence and they will tell us if the Spanish march empties for the third consecutive World Cup. It’s time to reflect, what Álvaro Martín himself was already doing after the race.

Seventh position isn’t bad but we think there’s a lot of room for improvement. In the last part of the race it was very hot but the summary is that there were six teammates in front of me who did very well”, explained the man from Extremadura.

“Now we are hot but we have to analyze it cold because I repeat that we have to improve. We are in the ointment but we have to hang on in the last kilometers when they give that strong traction, so it’s time to continue to work,” he concluded.

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