Oregon 2022 World Cup: Mara Prez ends up disqualified for irregular walking in the 20 km walk

Ehe majestic Autzen Duck Stadiumthe University of Oregon football team, witnessed the Spanish team’s first big loss at the World Cup in Oregon.

And it is that our first big medal option lasted just over half an hour. The time it took Mara Prez to receive three irregular walking warnings and receive a two-minute penalty, a slab impossible to lift in a 20 km event.

At that time, the woman from Granada remained in the first places, even if half a minute from the Peruvian Kimberly GarcaPan American silver medal in Lima 2019, and the Chinese Qieyang ShijieOlympic gold medal in London 2012 and world silver medal in Doha 2019.

Mary had already suffered disqualification for the same reasons last April during the inaugural race of the Walking World Tour which was held in Armpits (Czech Republic), so I was warned, but you can always expect the best from their reliability in high competition.

That’s what walking has, that it’s not all about you. Today I didn’t go well for the judges and we have to respect the decision

Mara Prez

Even in such a dramatic event as Doha, she finished eighth, not to mention fourth place last year in Tokyo and European gold in Berlin 2018.

But this time everything went wrong too soon, which did not prevent Prez, the only Spaniard on this course, will continue in the race looking at least to finish in the top ten. It was not possible, because I ended up being disqualified at kilometer 14.

He now has the possibility of revenge in Europe and Munichwhere to defend the gold of Berlin 2018. Whoever is not consoled is because he does not want to.

The circuit, barely a kilometer long and completely flat, and the temperature, around 30 degrees, invited adventure, a challenge that Kimberly García and Qieyang Shijie took up with remarkable courage, since they jumped when the third kilometer of the race was not over.

Per overrun in China

The two shared the lead until shortly before kilometer 15, when Kimberly García delivered the final blow. The Peruvian, who arrived with the fifth best time of the year, shattered the forecasts, which were still pointed towards China.

In the end, she won with a time of 1:26.58, a national record, adding Peru to the exclusive club of nations that won gold in this event in the women’s category and which until today only included China, Russia and Ireland.

The money ended up even more unexpectedly in the hands of the Poles Katarzyna Zdzieblowho notably improved on his tenth place at Tokyo 2021. He finished in 1:27.31, also a record for his country.

The honor of the Asian giant, coming out of the hat-trick in Doha, was saved by Qieyang Shijie (1:27.56), who It was clearly more or less but in the end he added his third world medal after Daegu 2011 bronze and Doha 2019 silver.

Great Liu Hongwho was seeking his fourth title and sixth world medal at the age of 35, finished fifth with a time of 1:29:00.

pit lane drama

After the race, Prez explained what happened: “It was the first World Cup in which I came out without nerves and confident. I felt good and I booked but in the first kilometer I already had the first warning”.

“Then when they put me in the pit lane, I was aware that the medal options had gone. And it’s a shame because I had them under control at that time entering this second group with Liu Hong,” Grenada said.

“At no time did I think about giving up and I tried to overcome positions but that’s what walking has, that it’s not all about you. Today I didn’t walk well for the judges and we have to respect the decision,” he concluded.

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