Oregon 2022 World Cup: Allyson Felix’s world cup goodbye with the mixed 4×400

OEleven Olympic medals, including seven gold, and 19 world medals, with thirteen titles. At 36, Allyson Felix leaves Athletics through the front door although her goodbye wasn’t the dream. Because the “interrupted coitus” which was experienced this afternoon at Hayward Field left its mark.

Everything was set for the United States to start their medal table with gold in the mixed 4×400, a recently created test in which the hosts defended the Doha 2019 title. And what better reason to celebrate than the final medal of the great myth, which He had been on the podium at every world championship since Helsinki 2005, except at Moscow 2013, where he was injured in the 200m final..

Felix, sixth in the 400 meters of the trialswas the second reliever and when Elijah Godwin put the witness back in first position, the stands burst with joy as they waited for a “last dance” from the great lady of American speed.

The result, however, was far from what was expected, as the Dominican Marileidy Paulino, world leader of the year of the return to the track with 49.49he spun for meters until he was relegated to second place.

Hayward Field caught its breath and its spirits with the Vernon Norwoodwho recovered the first place before leaving baptized Kennedy-Simonfinally the last reliever.

Simon arrived with a certain margin in the home stretch but could not resist the last rush of the Dominican Fiordaliza Cofil and the Dutch Femke Bowlwho ruthlessly surpassed her in the disbelief of the stands, who watched helplessly as the first major local disaster of “her” World Cup.

A missile called Femke Bol

To underline the incredible position of Bol, a specialist in low fences, to which he was about five yards short of leading his quartet to gold after removing Simon’s stickers. 48.95 was the time he invested go around the track, warning Sydney McLaughlin by Dalilah Muhammad of his bad intentions in the 400 hurdles.

The gold eventually went to the Dominican Republic, Olympic silver to Tokyo, with a time of 3:09.82 -second best mark in history-, with the Dutch only eight hundredths, while the United States finished in 3:10.16, repeating the Olympic bronze of a year ago.

Felix wrapped himself in the American flag and received congratulations from all the athletes, but everyone was aware that the party had gone wrong. His farewell was not the desired one but his legacy remains, that of a star who has always served the team and who forged a legend with tenacity and patience.

In reality, between his first world medal and his last 17 years agoimproving the record he had Jess Ngel Garca Bragado (1993-2009). Additionally, he leaves with the metals in eight nominations, severing ties with the Kenyan Ezekiel Kemboilegend of the 3,000 obstacles, who was on all the podiums from Paris 2003 to Beijing 2015.

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