Opdenergy secures sufficient demand for stock market debut


Opdenergy has obtained sufficient demand in the lower part of the offer for its jump on the stock market, scheduled for July 22, after the “roadshow” carried out by the group, according to market sources reported to Europa Press.

In this way, with this support obtained from investors, the renewable group will make its debut on the trading floor at the second attempt, after having to park it a year ago due to the volatility of the markets.

Opdenergy expects to start with a valuation of between 503 and 572 million euros (“equity value”) before its capital increase, having set an indicative and non-binding price range for its IPO of shares including between 4.75 and 5.40 euros per new title unit.

In concrete terms, the operation will consist of an offer of a certain number of new ordinary shares of the company to qualified investors and to investors who buy or subscribe to securities for a total amount of at least 100,000 euros per investor, as well as only to certain employees of the group of the company and certain members of the general management, the general manager and certain persons closely linked or related to the group, to the general management or to the beneficial owners of the shareholders of the company. Likewise, it is also aimed at other types of investors residing in Spain.


With this offer, the company expects to obtain a gross income of approximately 200 million euros to finance its business plan until 2025. The business plan envisages continuing the transformation of the company into an independent power producer (“IPP”, for its acronym in English) the most important and geographically diversified.

Opdenergy’s goal is to achieve a generating capacity of approximately 3.3 gigawatts (GW) of assets in operation and under construction by 2025, which will double the current gross capacity in operation and under construction and will increase its actual operating capacity by approximately six times.

Existing Opdenergy shareholders will not sell shares in the offer, but will grant an over-allotment option on existing shares of the company representing 10% of the offer.

In addition, the company has signed an irrevocable commitment as a “reference investor” with Global Portfolio Investments, a company belonging to the holding company of the Domínguez family, owner of the Mayoral fashion business, under which Mayoral has irrevocably agreed to purchase or subscribe at the offer price to a number of new shares representing 6% of the company’s share capital after the offer, under certain conditions.

Opdenergy will apply for admission to listing of its new shares and its existing ordinary shares on the stock exchanges of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao and Valencia to be traded through the Spanish Stock Exchange Interconnection System (continuous market) of the Spanish stock exchanges.

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